The hunt is open with Monster Hunter: World for PS4 and Xbox One!

Monster Hunter: World

PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Hunting Adventure

Here begins the adventure on the nature of the beasts.
Of Diablos, Barroth, Teostra, and Uragaan!

Since antiquity, monsters’ stories were immensely popular throughout all the continents, at that time all the people were dependent on wild and domestic animals for their survival, and so had an obvious interest in the animals around them.
But philosophers were more interested in their mystical and spiritual aspect of them, and during their lessons, all of them explained the existence of the so-called “monsters” in nature, fictional beasts which contain many characteristics from different animals good to explain not only zoology but also the world as it was known.
Undoubtedly fabulous creatures like dragons, griffins or unicorns became so popular that, still today, their images could be found almost everywhere: manuscripts of all kinds; in churches and monasteries, on decorated furniture, frescos, mosaics, tapestries, and much more.

Finally, the worldwide ultra beloved series Monster Hunter returns with a brand new chapter for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One: Monster Hunter: World!
Legends tell that every 10 years, the elder dragons begin a long journey in search of the mythical land known as the New World, many scholars have studied about this inexplicable event, and nowadays it’s generally called Elder Crossing.
To know more about this phenomenon, the Guild has formed a Research Commission, and you, as a hunter, will embark on a magnificent journey into the living, breathing ecosystem of the New World!

Full of legendary beasts to slay for scientific purposes, in Monster Hunter: World you’ll be called to explore large and wide a new, unblemished territory covered with lush green forests, dark caves and the deep blue sea, a savage world where ferocious bloodthirsty monsters are hidden, and lurking in the shadows, a world where these gigantic beings band together in groups to protect themselves and sometimes combat with each other for food, domination or land.
As the first Monster Hunter in there, your mission is – not only – kill these creatures, but also study in details their habits, and weaknesses in order to let them know in the civilized areas to earn glory, and educate the future generations about them.
Do what all is needed to accomplish your explorative mission!
Stay alert while you’ll track monsters, set traps, and either capture or slay these majestic creatures. Don’t forget also that when a monster is slain, a good hunter carves off all the usable horns, scales, and bones, to create even new types of weapons and armor.

Providing a seamless yet intense experience, Monster Hunter: World for PlayStation 4, and Xbox One will let you explore a wide brand new dynamic ecosystem which will push your hunting skills to the limit forcing you to exploit the environments in a very creative way. Think hard and play harder to take advantage during the battles from any terrain, vegetation, and mountain you’ll step during the adventure.
The time transition from day to night and vice-versa will give you the unique opportunity to discover new beasts, some of them will attack you without hesitations, while some other will study your moves carefully before taking any decision.

If you need any type of assistance about quests, monsters, weapons, items or anything else, the warm hunter lodge will give you the solution to your questions and doubts.
Form new hunting teams with friends from all over the world (yes, also from Japan), clear challenging quests, and regain your strength eating delicious home cooked food.

The new hunting season will start on January 26, don’t get caught unprepared arrange everything before the departure to the New World.
Monster Hunter: World awaits you both digitally and physically!


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