More Than You Expect – Xbox Game Pass

O-M-G! Yesterday definitely was a great day for gamers, Microsoft announced Xbox Game Pass against their rival –PlayStation Plus.  Some of you maybe thought it just same as Sony’s strategy, but it actually much better than that.  Moreover, Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg tweets that, subscribers will be able to enjoy Xbox Game Pass’s games on Windows 10 as Well.  Either you are Sony or Xbox fans, it definitely will be positive for the players.

Xbox Gift Cards

Reasonable Monthly bill

After the announcement, Microsoft giving 14 days free trial and cost $9.99/month if you want to continue. Cancel anytime you want.

New Titles Monthly

Enjoy the latest titles every month with the limited period. Moreover, hundreds of great Xbox One and Xbox 360 titles for selection.

Download And Play In Full-Fidelity

Players able to download the full game instead of the free-trial version, whatever online offline enjoy entertainment freely.

Exclusive Discount And Goal

At the end, subscribers really want to get the full game, they can enjoy the 20% off for the game and 10% on all related DLC (lol…good news for Capcom fans).  In addition, each month Goal will be updated in the Xbox Game Pass Lounge and subscribers who complete their Goal is guaranteed to win a prize. (Xbox Live Gold, Xbox Gift Card, Movies, DLC, etc.)

Xbox Gift Cards

First Wave – Xbox Game Pass

Finally, Microsoft confirmed that Sea of Thieves will be available to those subscribing while the same day as its release on 20 March.

Pre-Order Full Game

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