Welcome to the magical world of Nindieland!

Welcome to Nindieland!

This is a very lucky day for all Nintendo Switch owners! Indeed, from today bunch of new indie titles has arrived on the Nintendo eShop. Covering a large number of genres and styles, these games are simply perfect if you want to try something original, created with a large amount of love! So, get your Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Cards, and fill the Switch internal memory with unique games while you support the Nindies gaming scene!

We can’t wait to play with all of them!

Double Dragon – 823JPY

Let’s start with a true piece of gaming history with Double Dragon!
This beat ‘em up originally released in 1987 became one of the most popular titles worldwide, and it’s still considered a milestone in the gaming industry!

If you’re too young, and you’ve never played it, a little introduction about it is compulsory.
Following the story of the twin brothers and skilled martial artists Billy and Jimmy Lee, they must face their greatest challenge. Billy’s girlfriend Marian has been kidnapped by the savage street gang called Black Warriors, led by the mysterious crime kingpin known as Shadow Boss!
Using punches, kicks, and any other weapon which comes to hands such as knives, whips, bats, rocks, oil drums, and even dynamite, these powerful fighting machines must fight their ways through the streets, the slums, factories, and many other infested places to reach the Black Warriors’ hideout to rescue Marian and put an end to the Shadow Boss’ empire.

Introducing revolutionary features at that time such as two-player cooperative gameplay and the ability to pick up the enemy’s weapons, Double Dragon inspired many other developers to create their own beat ’em ups.
Alone, or with the help of your brother, you must be ready to grab your Joy-cons fiercely and push your skills to the limit against the ferocious Black Warriors.
After all, you’re the Double Dragon!


The Celeste Mountain is one of the tallest and most cursed mountains worldwide.
Many demons live in its recesses, and the fearless young girl Madeline is very determined to reach its top.
As she ascends the mountain, the original inhabitants will try to kill her, but with your aid, she could survive and accomplish her duty.

Watch your step, because on the road you’ll find hundreds of breakable platforms made of softwood and many other obstacles who can let fall you without hesitation. Higher you climb and more secrets you unveil, indeed inside the Celeste Mountain, you’ll find a lot of caves and rooms carved in the stone that can be used as a safe shelter, and also find new items or long-forgotten treasures.

Thanks to its simple and accessible controls, Madeline will be able to jump, dash, and climb to go deeper into this great adventure full of extremely challenging stages, brutal side quests, and a unique cast of bizarre characters, each one with his own story and reason to reach the top.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a long breathe and start an inner voyage with Celeste for Nintendo Switch!


STRIKERS1945 II – 864JPY / 7.99USD

Strikers, the world’s hope relies on your piloting skills and sheer determination.
In the classic shoot ‘em up STRIKERS1945 II, your mission is to defend our planet from a technologically advanced alien civilization which trying to conquer the Earth.
Choose between 6 different high-tech, top-secret aircrafts to complete all those missions that no other pilot has successfully accomplished, exploiting the unique capabilities of each plane.
The final objective is to seek and destroy this evil forces to prevent it from seizing the whole galaxy.

Gaining an excellent reputation in the arcades, STRIKERS1945 II is finally available on Nintendo Switch! This fast-paced vertical shoot ‘em up is filled with a deep sense of nostalgia, a voluminous amount of weapons and stages, and mega-exciting gameplay mechanics that will unleash a big dose of adrenaline!

If you are sick of the gimmick-filled games and is dying to have some traditional shooting fun, STRIKERS1945 II is the game for you!

Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 – 1500JPY / 14.99USD

The Dustoff Rescue Helicopter Service is a not-for-profit organization providing world-class aeromedical, search and rescue services, free of charge to those in need 24/7.
Since 2015 the organization has grown from a little start-up patrol to world-class aeromedical rescue operator, using the most advanced helicopters to provide to hopeless hostages the fastest and most secure rescue operations.

We currently undertake more than 50 missions each year across the hottest zones of the world to take assistance to several thousands of people in need both soldiers and civilians.
The crews include a pilot, an air officer, and a critical care paramedic, in special cases, during critical hospital transfers a doctor may also be on board, our specialists are always ready to rescue people carrying them to the most suitable hospital.

Flying across windy deserts, snow storms, blazing forests, underground caves, and many other places our fully upgradable helicopters are also provided with powerful guns, rockets, and missiles in case a destroying dangerous hostile fire activity is required.

When there’s no time for diplomatic solutions, the Dustoff Rescue Helicopter Service is the best to help all the wounded, sleepless and desperate people.
If you want to experience directly our rescue activities get Dustoff Heli Rescue 2 for Nintendo Switch today and avert all the people out there from the chaos, only your skills can save them now!

R U ready to play with some of the newest titles of the whole Nindie scene? Thanks to the Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Codes, you’ll not only grab loads of them until you fill the hard drive up, but also help the small development studios to develop and release new, and innovative games in the future!

Stay tuned, tons of Nindependent games are only waiting for you!


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