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Getting tired of work or at school? Don’t you think it’s time for you take a break? How about a walk to the beach? Breathing in the ocean breeze and savoring every inch of nature’s beauty. But, have you ever also thought of being relaxed and being productive at the same time? If you are in search of this kind of recreational activity, Dovetail Games has something great to offer you, folks.


Dovetail Games is currently working on their latest project which is the Euro Fishing Collector’s Edition. Find yourself in the most captivating famous lakes of Europe where you can go fishing! This is the nearest you can immerse yourself in, from a  real fishing, while comfortably resting on your nice couch. Coming out on the 23rd of this February on all PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles in Europe. Great news, we are now welcome for pre-orders!


Euro Fishing Collector’s Edition (PlayStation 4™, EUR) US$ 39.99 pre
Euro Fishing Collector’s Edition (Xbox One™, EUR) US$ 39.99 pre




Prepare to experience Euro Fishing’s gameplay packed with pure fun and heart-pumping action. Plus, your jaded eyes will surely turn dazzling as you witness the most enchanting and well-known lakes in Europe. The game features five unique European venues that are waiting for your fishing skills. Real venues from Europe are even featured in the game, such as the famous St. John’s Lake at Linear Fisheries and Digger Lakes. All of these are magnificently redesigned for you to meet that ultimate gaming satisfaction. And the most exciting part is, Euro Fishing Collector’s Edition added three glorious fishing lakes you can completely enjoy, namely, Foundry Dock, Manor Farm and Lac D’Or.



Here in Euro Fishing, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice in fishing or an angling pro. For beginners, worry no more, as Euro Fishing allows you to learn first the basics of casting through the in-game tutorials. While for the angling pros, you can directly choose into one of the five unique European settings of the game and dive straight into the challenges.


Dovetail Games did a great job in perfectly reproducing the feeling of actual fishing through the presence of Total Cast Control feature of the game. It is a unique physics-based casting and reeling systems where players can experience a much simpler and hassle-free system in terms of helping the players with low frame rates in order to cast conveniently.


Thank you for the advanced AI and customizable environment effects of the game. Because of this wonderful highlights, fishes are able to respond to the water temperature and time of the day. Even the weather conditions and their response to the baits like they do in real life fishing can be observed here in this game.


In addition, here in Euro Fishing, you can choose if you want to go fishing alone through the single-player mode. Or, you can battle against your friends by multiplayer tournaments where you are able to track and compare your catches in real time. Plus, you can also compete against AI in the hosted tournaments.


Unleash your expertise in handling fishing rods and show them all your own strategy and techniques on how to catch a fish like a pro.


Show them what you’ve got to be the top fisherman!




  • Created by experts to replicate the experience of real fishing
  • Intelligent Fish AI – The battle of wits between fish and angler come to life
  • Competitions and Tournaments – Challenge your friends in a multiplayer tournament
  • Stunning Locations – Five unique European venues await
  • Tackle Box – choose from a large range of rods, reels, bait etc.
  • Dynamic Weather and Time of Day Settings
  • Euro Fishing Collector’s Edition includes 3 additional fishing lakes
  • Foundry Dock, Manor Farm, and Lac D’Or



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