Bring a new world everywhere with Dragon Quest Builders on Switch!

Dragon Quest Builders

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Sandbox RPG

Re-create your very own kingdom of Alefgard with Dragon Quest Builders for Nintendo Switch!

Set in legendary original world of the first Dragon Quest, Dragon Quest Builders take place in an alternate reality where the dark Dragonlord has won the final battle eliminating the hero, this means that now the whole world is ruled by monsters, and that every single person has lost the crafting ability to create new weapons, armor, houses, shops, and anything else…
But one day a special baby was born, a baby with the unique ability to create things using raw materials in a very unconventional way, the goddess needs your help to recreate a brand new world of light from the roots, c’mon Builder this is your turn to bring happiness once again in Alefgard!

Enlist the help of the brave Builder, in Dragon Quest Builders for Switch you’ll enter a desolated land where you have the power to reshape all the things around you, including history. Designing and building mountains, rivers, castles, towers, and down until the littlest hut in this game you must test both your creativity and your combat skills to put an end to the fearsome influence of the Dragonlord on the world’s shape! Overcome your enemies, along with challenging puzzles and mini-quests, you can master the fine art of the PBP (Pixel Block Positioning), an art which only a few elected people can use to make the people happier than ever!

Exploring every single place of this vast land to unlock and earn new materials that will be useful to create new buildings, weapons, and also items.
In addition, other than the great features appeared in the original versions for PS4, and PSVita, the new Switch edition, will come with the original “Great Sabrecub” one, it’ll boost your speed and grant you special materials by defeating enemies, use them wisely to rebuild and empower the defenses of Alefgard literally piece by piece gathering rocks, woods, fruits, flora, slime oozes, and much more in an immersive kingdom with dynamic day and night cycles!

Constructing new buildings, you will gain experience points that will level-up the Builder, this will open up new recipes leading to new items, fortifications, and schemata for an ever-expanding town. Developing every single town to find, rescue, or attract new villagers, they’ll offer new quests and missions, help you to defend the town from sudden onslaughts of monsters who will attack at a moment’s notice, and obviously, they’ll give you new resources.

Thanks to its original Minecraft/Terraria style gameplay mechanics, and to the huge abundance of Dragon Quest tropes, from the iconic music of Koichi Sugiyama, legacy weapons and armor, and monsters like the fearsome Green Dragon as well as everyone’s favorite – the Slimes, all based on the worldwide renowned art-style of Akira Toriyama, this game will keep you busy for a very long time both digitally and physically!


Pre-install on your Nintendo Switch the digital version of Dragon Quest Builders today, and you’ll be ready to begin this buildastic adventure on the launch day!

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