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Nintendo™ Switch – Japan


Make your brain work and discover the secrets of the world’s yesteryear. Explore and expand your horizon as you map the entire globe. Are you ready for an exciting exploration with Neo Atlas 1469 for Switch?




Attempting to complete a map can, perhaps, be a daunting task. But the opportunity to leave something to humanity such as this is something that every explorer dreams of doing. And that’s the same thing that you need to do in Neo Atlas 1469.


Developer Artdink already announced that the new-world exploration simulation game will be released on April 19, 2018 for Nintendo Switch for Japan. Neo Atlas 1469 was first released for PS Vita in October of 2016.


Your main goal is to explore the world and map the entire globe. It will feature a kaleidoscope of a visual novel, trade simulation, and global reconnaissance. It is your duty to restore the former glory of the trading company that you work for by charting new territories and ultimately making money.


The game’s name implies the exploration that occurs in 1469 when exploration was a sought-after endeavor. And it is also the same time wherein Europe was yet to discover the vastness of the world that the world is a sphere. The three pillars of the Neo Atlas 1469’s gameplay are exploration, investigation, and treasure chest hunting.




  • Establishing Trade Routes – You need to pay your admirals wages, and keeping a functioning fleet does not come cheap.As you progress in the game, you will discover more exotic produces from newly uncovered lands. Set up new trade routes and make a nice profit out of them! Also, by establishing trade routes which allow specific combinations of produces to interact, it may result in the emergence of a new product, which you can then trade it for even bigger profits!
  • Explore and Uncover the World – The core objective of the game is to chart out the World Map. Command your admirals to explore the foreign seas, and they will bring back reports of their findings at the end of their voyage. Your sole decision to “Approve” or “Disapprove” their reports is the key to shape the world
  • Dowse for Hidden Treasures – Many treasures are hidden all over the world, waiting for you to dig them up. However, it can be quite a chore to be scouring the entire map, so here is a handy tool for you to detect treasures for more efficient treasure hunting!


Moreover, Neo Atlas 1469 features trading endeavors of the game. You are tasked to choose two different ports which cater two different products, run the said route, and if by chance that you are lucky enough with the combination of the products, then expect a deluge of gold on your end.


But before you immerse yourself in the getting to know the right combination of products (such as black powder can be derived with the mixture of saltpeter and sulfur), it is also your duty to protect your vessels. Leaving your ship unattended for a long time will give the chance for pirates to attack it that will soon dry up what you have worked for.







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