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Nippon Ichi Software is ready to set for Anata no Shikihime Kyoudoutan or Your Four Knight Princesses Training Story in English title. This action RPG is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and Nintendo Switch this March 2018. Prepare for the four princesses in your consoles! Pre-order is now open for this game.




Fast facts about the game! The development of the game is handled by the makers of Penny-Punching Princess while the character design is handled by The Witch and the Hundred Knight 2 character designer Madoka Hanashiro.


The game sets in the world full of swords, magic, and relics of the ancient civilization. You are a battle mentor known as the Instructor Knight. You receive a request to visit the four Relic Island. As a mentor, your mission is to teach the four princesses to handle their power and learn how to battle. Are you ready to teach the four princesses with your vast knowledge in being a knight?


The four princesses you will train are Veronica, Liliati, Monmaria, and Alpana. Veronica is a genius who is the leader of Black Magic Guild. She wants to seize the world with fear because of her selfishness. Liliati is a princess who has the loyalty to the kingdom’s head knight. She has an optimistic personality. Monmaria is a fallen noble of the Noble Business Alliance. She’s also the princess of the Eudalia family. Lastly, Alpana is the princess of the Dragon People. She’s also the founder of the Daikamara Faith. She’s rich, and she wants to coexist all the races.


You will guide the princesses according to their performance. You can praise and scold the princesses. In the battle system, you control the protagonist and the princesses to attack the enemies. You command the lead soldier by giving them instructions.




  • You are the “Trainer” of Four Princesses – The setting of the story is a world where swords, magic, and “relics” of an ancient civilization exist. The mission of the protagonist, the battle and training expert known as the “Instructor Knight,” is to become the “trainer” of the four princesses of the four countries belonging to the “Relic Islands.” Guide the princesses properly, lead soldiers into battle as a commander, and fight together
  • Praise, Scold, and Train the Princesses – The hero can guide the princesses in various situations, such as during conversations or in battle. By appropriately conducting two types of guidance—“praise” or “scold”—you can stimulate the growth of the princesses and grant them temporary stat increase effects, allowing you to advance battles with a greater advantage. Through sometimes praising, and sometimes scolding the princesses, raise them to maturity
  • Command Soldiers and Defeat Enemy Armies – The player, as both the princesses and the protagonist, will lead their own platoon into battle and fight alongside their soldiers while also wielding a weapon themselves, while aiming for the destruction of their enemies and the completion of their mission. This is a type of strategy action where both the player character and the commands issued to soldiers are the key to victory


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  1. Avatar Dj english says:

    Will this be a physical for the vita or is it download only?

    • Avatar Joemar.Belleza says:

      Hi Dj english,

      As per checking, this can be ordered physically for PS Vita as well as for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. For the meantime, there isn’t a PSN for download for the said game. Once we have an update, we’ll surely make a blog about it. Why not sign up for our newsletter and be informed of our exclusive deals and upcoming sales first? Click here.

      Best regards, Team

  2. Avatar Vannikun says:

    Is this game also in English?

    • Avatar Joemar says:

      Hi Claudio Dias,

      Thank you for your question. As of the moment, there is no English sub for this game. But rest assured that once we have a word with the publisher regarding your question, then we’ll surely make a blog about it. In the meantime, why not sign up to our exclusive mailing list so you will get updates first-hand from us. Click here.

      Best regards, Team

      • Avatar krakken says:

        is there eny news on the englis subtitles??

        • Avatar Joemar says:

          Hi Krakken,

          Thank you for messaging us. Unfortunately, there is no English subtitle for this. Anyway, we’ll make a blog of it if there will be future updates regarding your question.

          Best regards,

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