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Go back to the wonderful 80s & 90s, the decades where the games were radical and glorious!

During this period many things are changed, but not the desire to play with good games. This is why digital platforms can be considered a godsend, thanks to them you can [re]live the greatest titles of the past for a very cheap price, and you’ll be happy to know that hundreds of gems are waiting to be played from the new generation of gamers. Check the little selection here below to build a retro game museum in your living room, with goldies games that won’t get old!

Providing a phenomenal fan service, even if you’re looking for a nostalgic retro-experience or simply you want to collect cool games on your PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One HDDs, you should definitely consider checking all of them (if you haven’t done already).

Kaiketsu Yanchamaru – PS4, Nintendo Switch – 823JPY

The young ninja Yanchamaru has spent his entire life to perfect his Ninjutsu skills at the Ninja School, training hard to accomplish the largest number of missions in the shortest time.
One bad day, he received a mysterious message which reveals that her girlfriend, the beautiful Princess Kurumi, has been kidnapped by the Stone Wizard.
Armed with the powerful Spinning Sword and an enormous dose of courage, you must be prepared to using your incredible fighting skills, and face the Wizard’s fearsome generals, each one with a peculiar deadly fighting technique.

Developed and released in 1985 by Irem, Kaiketsu Yanchamaru is a classic side-scrolling action game which is now available for PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.
Faithfully reproducing the original game, this is a wonderful way for retro-fans to revisit the adventures of Yanchamaru, as well as introduce newcomers to why this 8-bit title still represents one of the best (and most challenging) platformers experiences ever!

Run, jump, climb, and cut your way through seven exciting levels full of countless bizarre minions of various sizes and strengths, and unique bosses that are out to prevent Yanchamaru from rescue the beloved Princess Kurumi!

Shock Troopers – PS4, Xbox One – 823JPY/US$7.99

The “Operation Delta Storm” is in progress!
Fight evil before it strikes worldwide with the Neo-Geo classic run & gun game Shock Troopers!

The terrorist group called Bloody Scorpion has kidnapped the famous Doctor George, a renowned scientist which has developed a new kind of drug known as α301 which effects is to alter the personality, and her granddaughter Cecilia.

To rescue them, the U.S. Government carefully hand-picked a team of 8 heroes from different countries to battle against the Bloody Scorpion organization’s deadliest bosses as you snake your way through enemy territory.
With Shock Troopers for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One you’ll be called to join this little army, and resolve the crisis before it’s too late! Armed with your fire weapons plus some powerful bombs, the duty is to find and destroy the enemy combating through different routes to reach the terrorists’ base and stop their attempts to dominate the world’s population.
More skillfully you’ll control your soldier and more easily you’ll save the Doctor & Cecilia, venture into a deep, unexplored jungle region full with enemies, obstacles, bridges to cross, and vehicles that will try to ram you.

Following the tradition of the greatest action movies of the 80s such as First Blood or Commando, in Shock Troopers, you’ll be not just a spectator, but the leader of an army that must shoot your way into the enemy’s camp to soil their ambitions!

World Heroes 2 – Nintendo Switch – 823JPY/US$7.99

Big heroes need big battles!
And what’s the best to prove your strength than with World Heroes 2 for Nintendo Switch?

This 146 Megs Neo-Geo’s smash gem is finally available also on the new Nintendo console. In World Heroes 2 you’ll travel through time, and space to fight against some of the fiercest historical warriors of all time such as Jeanne D’Arc, Rasputin, Hattori Hanzo along with original, but not less powerful, characters in exciting and colorful 1vs1 battles!

Thanks to its tight and solid gameplay, stylish graphics, and the original “Death Match” Mode, you can [re]discover another fabulous fighting masterpiece directly from the 90s!

Super Sidekicks – PS4, Xbox One – 823JPY/US$7.99

Whatever level you play, if you are a person that strives to be the best then you must play with Super Sidekicks on your PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One!

Playing an intense world tournament in which you’ll confront with the best 11 national teams on Earth, not only to win the prestigious SNK World Cup, but also to improve your tactical awareness, and learn on what it takes to become an elite athlete.

Recreating the realism and the emotions of a football match, in Super Sidekicks you’ll literally battle through a series of matches on your way to the top controlling your team in both offensive and defensive actions!
Perform volleys, passes, goal shots, overhead kicks and a lot of other tricks to get back the ball and hooray the ball is in the net! If you really want to win, teamwork is the key!
In addition, if the referee is turned you can always exploit the dirtiest defensive techniques punching, pulling, charging or slide tackling the opponents, but remember that he will tag your players for fouling – if he sees them.

The crowds are here, the teams are here, the cup is here; lace up your cleats to score, and lead your men to the victory!

Here in Retropolis, you’ll find many other gems from the past, don’t miss to discover them through our selection of instant digital cards! Click here below to check them.


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