Hardcore heroes, get back the Dragon’s Crown on PS4!

Dragon’s Crown Pro

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: 2D Action-RPG

Do you know Vanillaware? Probably this name will results obscure to the majority of you, but if you’re a real hardcore gamer, you’ve surely heard their name many times.
Founded in February 2002 (happy 16th Anniversary guys), by ex-employees of Atlus, this studio led by the legendary George Kamitani is specialized in 2D games.
Focusing on high-quality titles during the years Vanillaware has released some of the greatest titles in gaming history, indeed this is the studio behind truly gaming gems such as Odin Sphere, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, and obviously Dragon’s Crown!

Set in a vivid in the fantastic medieval world of Hydeland, Dragon’s Crown is finally coming also on PlayStation 4 with a new enhanced version entitled Dragon’s Crown Pro.
Inspired by the most worldwide beloved fantasy series of the past such as Robert E Howard’s Conan tales or Marvel’s Red Sonja comics, and obviously Dungeons & Dragons, in this title you’ll embark on an adventure of a lifetime in an epic world in search of the Dragon’s Crown, a mysterious relic that grant great powers to its owner, an adventure that will carry you through secret ruins, cursed catacombs forgotten caves, and also illusionary lands filled with evil mythical creatures controlled by evil wizards that are looking for it too.

With six unique character classes – Fighter, Wizard, Elf, Amazon, Sorceress, and Dwarf – branching paths, epic bosses, and a gamut of items, weapons, and secrets, this new version of Dragon’s Crown is without any doubt the best example of 2D Action-RPG on PS4.
Featuring a gorgeous hand-drawn art, 4K resolution support, exceptional replay-ability, and a wealth of other improvements, Dragon’s Crown Pro will let you pass hundreds of hours of roaming fun while you’ll clear challenging sub-quests, and meet the most important personalities of all Hydeland.

Level-up, develop your fighting skills, and acquire even more deadly spells! Now it’s time to open the storybook again, Dragon’s Crown Pro will take you to the world of dragons, ogres, rich colors and immense danger, you’ll be easily become entranced by this illustrated dream.

Fight your way and taste victory as only a true hero can both digitally and physically!


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