Build ‘n Battle with Aegis Defenders for Switch and PS4!

Aegis Defenders

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: 2D Metroidvania Platformer

Both to common people and historians the Dark Ages is a concept a thing of the past.
Originally, this term has started to be used between the 17th and 18th centuries, when historians began to write about the ‘darkness’ of a certain era, for example, the ‘intellectual darkness’ before the Renaissance in which the common people were surrounded by ignorance, superstition, and social repression.
Anyway, the idea of Dark Age can be used also referring to the future as depicted in Aegis Defenders for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

After reached the highest level of technology, the world of Elam has been shattered due to a great cataclysm bringing the people to a new dark age in which everyone worships the androids as gods. In this world, where the knowledge of the ancient technologies means power, a team of 4 ruin hunters – Bart the Engineer, Clu the Hunter, Kaiim the Monk, and Zula the Thief – has discovered that the primary cause of Elam’s destruction, a legendary weapon known as Aegis, it’s time for them keep it safe without let not fall it into the wrong hands.
Now, it’s time to travel beyond to a time of androids, high-tech devices, and [almost] forgotten legends, Aegis Defenders plunges you into an experience that allows you to explore, build, develop, and interact, Elam’s mythological future.

Mixing Metroidvania style with Tower Defense mechanics, this cooperative game you’ll explore the myriad stages of Elam to destroy the bio-experiments created by powerful people, and protect the Aegis weapon.
Featuring quick action combined with deep strategy, you’ll build even stronger defensive and offensive structures to stop the enemies’ advance while you unlock and combine new skills for varied and creative combos!

When old school 16-Bit art meets modern gameplay mechanics the result is simply astonishing! Grab the pad to live an extraordinary out-of-this-world experience!
Is this Dark Age really so bleak? Discover it with the indie digital-only Aegis Defenders on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch to bring a ray of light over the Elam’s inhabitants.

Without darkness, there would be no light!


From February 8th, you’ll be able to explore, build, and defend a whole collapsed world downloading this new great adventure from the Nintendo eShop and the PlayStation Store!

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