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PlayStation Vita – JAPAN – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Another visual novel is coming to Japan this February 2018. Dramatic Create presents you Ouka Sabaki Zan! This game was first released on PC last 2017. Now, it’s coming to PlayStation Vita this 2018! Are you ready for another great visual novel game for your PSVita? Pre-order is now available!


Ouka Sabaki Zan (PlayStation Vita, JPN)US$ 62.99 pre



Every time we do something, we always think about the consequences we face. However, a lot of people are framed just to get out the way or run away from the crime they commit. It’s unfair for the part of the accused, he or she must prove his/her innocence to the people to not to be suspected. Let’s take a look at the plot synopsis of this visual novel game for better understanding.


Shimei takes the new post as the new administrator at the Nakamachi magistrate’s office. This office is founded to mitigate the burden on the office from north to south. His childhood friend follows him. Rimu is Shimei’s childhood friend who is cheerful and hardworking. Also, Sakura follows him. Sakura is a strong-minded on who dispatches from the Kitamachi magistrate office to supervise him.


A few days after his arrival, a young girl named Koume brings up to him by the charge of murder. She is sentenced on the following day. She pleads with him if she is guilty of the crime, her sentence is death. Shemei notices Koume’s desperation. He convinces that she’s not guilty of the crime. He will do his best to make her innocent.


Will he ever find the true culprit? How is he going to prove her innocence?


Since this is a visual novel game, the gameplay is simple. You just click to keep the text. There are also multiple-choice to select your desire answers to where the story leads. Your choice, your story, and your chosen ending so be careful what you choose.




  • Described as a beautiful girl adventure game featuring reasoning parts where the protagonist and suspects bump heads
  • A love story full of affection with charming heroines!
  • Players will gather evidence and information as the new magistrate, narrow down the list of suspects, and lead the case to a solution



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