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Welcome to Nindieland!

This is a very lucky day for all Nintendo Switch owners! Indeed, from today bunch of new indie titles has arrived on the Nintendo eShop. Covering a large number of genres and styles, these games are simply perfect if you want to try something original, created with a large amount of love!
So, get your Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Cards, and fill the Switch internal memory with unique games while you support the Nindies gaming scene!

We can’t wait to play with all of them!

Owlboy – US$24.99

I can fly!
My name is Otus, and I’m a young owlboy. Thanks to my strong wings I can reach the world above the clouds to explore it extensively and then sit to enjoy the landscape from a celestial perspective, sometimes the wind is so strong that it blocks me, but with my will and determination I can do it anyway.
I gaze at the world before me, everything looks so much calmer from there. No disturbance can be felt this high up, and memories turn thinner with the air.
I’m alone with my thoughts – just how I want to be.

Join a new adventure of exploration and epic flying battles with Owlboy for Nintendo Switch, in this new Nindie title, you’ll control the young Otus in a poetic story filled with friends, unique landscapes, and evil sky pirates.
Only you have the power to save the worlds above and below the clouds, experience revolutionary action with perilous journeys over many strange lands, where enemies rise from molten lava and people of different cultures ask for your help to be saved from the evil crew of pirates.
Using his amazing strength and resources, prepare to battle on land, soar high up into the clouds, explore long-forgotten ruins, while you travel through intricated dungeons.

As I start my descent to the world of the living, I see other Owlboys flies, this is how I feel l all time: completely free.

The Longest Five Minutes – US$39.99

Memories are important to everybody lives. It remembers our happiness, sadness, melancholy, bitterness, and other emotions. Without these memories, we cannot understand the true value of human life. Only humans can possess this kind of phenomenon which is called “Memories.”, and with The Longest Five Minutes for Nintendo Switch, you’ll learn how much important it is.

During the last confrontation against the mighty Demon King, the brave protagonist Flash suddenly loses his memory. All, from his hometown to the reasons why he wants to defeat him is lost, and he must regain it before it’s too late, otherwise, the Demon King will win, and the fate of the world will be the darkest one for the eternity.

Powered by the Switch’s characteristics, The Longest Five Minutes is an old-school Action-RPG in which the retro charm of the 16 Bit era comes to life than ever before.
Featuring nostalgic gameplay mechanics, and an innovative decision-based branched story full of unexpected twists and coup de théâtre, in this game every choice you make, will lead you to a particular progression of the adventure.
Fight hard and level up not only to gain new powers and skills but also to regain fragments of Flash’s memories that will unlock precious flashbacks from the past.

The Longest Five Minutes for Switch it’s the best game if you’re looking for a deep RPG lovely packed with a special retro-Japanese flavor!

The Fall Part 2: Unbound – US$16.99

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The long-awaited entry in the acclaimed The Fall series will arrive on Scih for Nintendo Switch.
The Fall Part 2: Unbound takes players into a future in which technology and human forces meet in a unique fusion of cyberpunk futurism and contemporary paranoia.
Under the neon lights of a cyberpunk dystopia, you’ve been infected by a mysterious virus to control your body and circuits for unclear purposes, now the only way to regain your own individuality is to find, hunt, and fix the human problem who did it.

Bringing a deep focus to atmosphere and storytelling, without sacrifice art-style and gameplay, The Fall Part 2: Unbound take back the cyberpunk genre to its roots; celebrating its creators like William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, and Pat Cadigan.
As a sentient machine, you’ll go deep into the heart of the confrontation between mega-corporations, in a wild futuristic world full of fast-paced action and intriguing puzzle that can let you uncover all the conspiracy behind the game’s shadowy plot.

Featuring an exceptionally minimal graphic style and a truly 80s atmosphere, in this game the basic Three Laws of Robotics has been revolutionized to provide a great adventure that will delight any fan of Sci-Fi.
As the beacon of humanity’s triumph of technology, prepare to battle for getting back the control on your system!


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Stay tuned, tons of Nindependent games are only waiting for you!

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