UPDATED: Commander Video is Back! – Runner3 A Nintendo Switch Exclusive

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Nintendo™ Switch – US – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Are you a courageous adventure seeker? Does video games that are both amusing and terrifying thrills you? If you are, Runner3 is a game that you should feed in your adventurous soul!


Runner3 is an upcoming rhythm platformer being developed by an independent video game development studio, Choice Provisions. It is a part of the Bit Trip series developed by the same producer for the Wii, Nintendo 3DS, Microsoft Windows, OS X, PS Vita, and PlayStation 4 consoles.


Now, you can take Commander Video anywhere with you as Runner3 is a Nintendo Switch exclusive! Coming out this May 22nd in the US!


Now welcome for pre-orders.



Runner3 (Nintendo™ Switch, US) US$ 39.99 pre




Have you missed the world where everything is 8-Bit? A picture of engrossing yourselves in the cool world of retro gaming, feeling extra motivated for hearing a catchy soundtrack, following a role of some bubbly protagonist. Sure you’ve missed all of that, right?


Well, Bit.Trip titles devotees, brace yourselves as Runner3 throws you back into the rhythm-based platforming trilogy, yet in its most colorful world now. Take control of the legendary protagonist of the game, Commander Video which can be seen in all Bit.Trip titles like BIT.TRIP.RUNNER and Runner2.






So now, join Commander Video in his new adventure here in Nintendo Switch and help him endure all the Hero Quests and Retro Challenges presented in the game.


As the game starts, Commander Video moves forward automatically and your role is to command his movements such as jumping, sliding, and kicking. Commander Video is also able to fly, float, and dance his way to victory all across a variety of terrifying and perky levels.


In addition, there will be new playable characters and new gameplay modes. Plus, new mechanics will also be featured in this installment such as riding vehicle and the ability to do a double jump, wall-jump and even an underwear jump. The previous Runner games feature a variety of directions through a level by jumping on vertical platforms, while Runner3 has stages with alternate routes that develop into the background.


Here in this game, there are collectible items presented in each level that are very beneficial in your ventures such as the blue gems and gold bars. Blue gems can be used to unlock cosmetic items, although it can be collected only once. While for the gold bars, it appears to be very powerful for it increases your score. So, if you found these on your way, better grab it all out.


On the other hand, visually speaking, a resemblance to its predecessor Runner2 art style can be observed in this installment. However, Runner3 stood up among the rest of the Bit.Trip titles for its development in terms of graphic design. Runner3 embodies a high-resolution graphics quality where players can truly enjoy playing the game.



  • New branching paths that lead to different areas
  • Item shops where you can purchase goodies
  • Vehicles that CommanderVideo can take for a ride
  • New playable characters, new moves, and new gameplay modes
  • An assortment of Hero Quests and Retro Challenges
  • Features the voice acting talents of Charles Martinet, the legendary voice of Mario

Ready to go on an adventure with Commander Video? Place your orders now!




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