Gal Metal: headbang with the greatest Air Metal simulator on Switch!

Gal Metal

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Music Game

— Job Offer —
Entry Level – Est. Time: More than 10 hrs/week – Posted now

Hello, we’re the K.M.G. – Kichijōji Metal Gals – and we’re looking for skilled drummers who are interested in doing a few hours of work to create new grooves which suits our songs dynamics. We can meet over skype and chat, we’ll play the songs and then record them for reference.
The style is metal, influenced by bands like Slayers, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest etc. We’re interested in working with someone to create a nice quick rough mix, which does the demo justice. Please reply with a little bit about yourself, what you can play and what music you like. Plus your availability and interest level. If it sounds interesting and you have the chops and the time, please contact us.
— Thanks for reading —

And so, you’d like the become a superstar uh!? Very well, but you must know that the road to the success is very long and hard, indeed you must not only posses truly exceptional technical skills with drums but also build up your reputation, and network to get more session in which you can proof your value, and to do it a strong experience performing music is absolutely essential, but you must also be a humble person able to deal with a lot of pressure, and be creative!

Indeed, Gal Metal, the new music game for Nintendo Switch is slightly different from any other title you’ve played so far, you’ll not see any musical note on the screen, the Joy-Cons will be used to create your own brand new music based on your sense of rhythm swinging them in the air, to perform the greatest AIR METAL songs ever to save the Earth from an alien invasion!!!!
Yes, you’ve read correctly…together with the other K.M.G. – Kichijōji Metal Gals – members; Kia Bansui on synth, Shiimi Shindori & Eri Kurofuto on guitars, and Mani Kurobarain on bass, are the last hope to set free our planet from mischievous invaders from outer space exploiting the power of the music provoking in them shock and surprise, in other words: Deculture!

Developed by Shiho Imai (Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters, Tokyo Majin), Toshinao Aoki, and the great Tak Fujii, Gal Metal for Switch is good both for pros and rookies, this game represents the quintessence of music games, and if you’ll play with it we’re sure that you’ll be able to unleash your inner metal warring spirit to test your drumming skills and simultaneously protect all the humankind from a tragic fate of intergalactic slavery.

Featuring with a bizarre yet engaging story and gameplay system, this ultra original rhythm game bridges the gap between hard metal and the pastel, sparkly world of idol bands releasing a huge quantity of positive energy.
Grab the Joy-Cons, and then go wild!
With your help, the K.M.G. – Kichijōji Metal Gals – could easily become one of the most iconic air metal bands ever both digitally and physically!


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