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Nintendo™ Switch – EU


The casino mini-game is coming to Nintendo Switch this June 2018! Funbox Media presents Vegas Party! Are you ready to gamble? Pre-order is now available!




Let’s go to Las Vegas, Nevada! Gambling, bookmaking, easy marriage, easy divorce, organized crime, strip clubs, cabarets, clubbing, and 24/7 liquor sales–these are all legal in the Las Vegas. Of course, this is the Sin City of US. Do you want to enjoy sinfully? Well, then let’s go Las Vegas! Remember what happens to Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Parties in Las Vegas are the best especially when you gamble while you party hard, then you win! Is it awesome right? Experience this kind of party in Vegas Party! The game has one goal, to reach the end of the Strip before anyone. You must gamble your tokens to prosper it! However, there are disasters while playing. You must be good at gambling, and of course, you must have luck especially tokens are in the line. Trust no one in the casino, because there is no mercy! Mercy is not available in gambler’s dictionary. Play with your friends up to 4 players for more gambling fun! There are 17 casinos feature in this game. Take your gambling adventure into the next level with these casinos. This is the Sin City of Las Vegas so there are extreme humoristic clinches of Las Vegas.


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Vegas Party (Nintendo™ Wii, US) US$ 19.99 1-2w
Vegas Party (PlayStation 4™, EUR) US$ 29.99 1w
Vegas Party (PlayStation Vita, EUR) US$ 24.99 24h



Vegas Party released first in Wii. For PS Vita & PS4 consoles, it was released last 2017. We have stocks for your suitable consoles. Avail now before it runs out of stock.



  • 4 Player Multiplayer
  • 10 Unique mini-games
  • 17 incredible casinos
  • 18 original environments
  • Extreme humoristic cliches of Sin City
  • Nonstop action



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