International Airmail Update & Shipping Changes for Exclusive #17

We have listened closely to all of the feedback received regarding the recent Economy Airmail shipping costs, especially those related to our PA#17 Exclusive One More Dungeon Limited Edition for both PS4 and PSV. We are aware any unexpected costs may be frustrating, and we will continue working to eliminate any surprises in the future.

If you are a frequent buyer at you will be aware that the shipping cost has been slightly higher than what is expected from past PA Exclusives. Unfortunately factors outside of our control dictate the price of international shipping, and it is no coincidence that these changes arrive when they have. At the beginning of every year shipping companies use market information and inflation to determine shipping rates. This year it is an unfortunate fact that the majority of postal and courier services have increased their rates. In response to this information we have been working hard to choose the best shipping vendors possible  comparing quality, speed, and of course price.

Our immediate action has been to reduce the cost of Airmail shipping for One More Dungeon Limited Edition by approximately 2 USD.  This has been achieved by working with both manufacturer and shipping company to improving the accuracy of product dimension and packaging information, as well as reducing our own margins to soften the blow to customers. Airmail shipping to the US will now be approximately 7.90 USD for a single version of the game, and 12.90 USD when shipped together*. If you have already placed your order at a previously stated shipping cost, our customer service team will be automatically modifying your order total, as well as refunding the difference as required. will do everything we can to offset these fluctuations, but as a result of these recent changes customers may encounter slightly higher Airmail shipping rates than previously expected. We hope to provide further updates when we have made more progress, and we thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions please feel free to engage with us on Twitter, Discord, or with our customer service team via email:

Your Team

* Airmail pricing calculated using a destination on the West Coast of the United States (California, Oregon) 

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