Go Up Up And Away In Flight Sim World!

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Are you ready to fly high? Spread your metal wings and hop on a new adventure here in Flight Sim World. Dovetail Games new flight simulator is expected to release this coming March for all Windows PC in the PAL Territories. Now open for pre-orders!


Flight Sim World (DVD-ROM) (Windows™, EUR) US$ 39.99 pre




Flight Sim World will serve players an exceptional standard of realism and details. All of the aircrafts featured in this game are splendidly replicated from their real-world counterparts, with every gauge and switch that are fully operational. Aside from perceiving these aircraft as a real thing, they also have the capacity to interact with the environment veraciously. Plus, a good compliment with the atmospheric effects and advanced behind-the-scenes mechanics makes it, even more, a remarkable flight simulator.





Fly high and encounter a memorable view of the dramatic scenery over the Arizona canyons during a breathtaking sunset. Watch the raindrops race across your virtual cockpit in a stormy weather while the physics engine provides you a realistic aircraft behavior. Experience a terrifying moment of silence when your engines suddenly stop followed by the shutting out of the lights. So, whether you planned for a peaceful flight, the game will give you these tricky situations that will test your Pilot skills.


In addition, you are able to create your own flight plan through the comprehensive Flight Planner. It will give you a full control over location, weather and time of the day.


The developer of the game adds up some extra challenge to your flight experience through the Mission feature of the game that will completely test your skills and abilities. And for the newbies, worry no more as Flight Sim World will give you the chance to learn the basics of flying through the Lesson feature.


So, are you now excited to go up up and away? Get this once in a lifetime smooth experience from up above and witness how Piper Seneca sparkles during daylight. Feel all the butterflies in your stomach while Piper PA-18 Super Cub is soaring high through Alaskan wilderness blizzards.


Go on a towering adventure with your friends as you fly high altogether in the multiplayer mode of the game. And prepare to unleash your Pilot abilities like gracefully spinning the aircraft with loops, rolls, and stall turn maneuvers.



  • Free Flight – The whole world is yours to explore with over 23,000 airports in Free Flight mode!
  • Multiplayer – Fly with your friends on Steam
  • Lessons & Missions – Learn the basics with our LAPL, PPL, and Multi-Engine based lessons, and then test your skills with a series of missions
  • SDK – Create bespoke aircraft, missions, and scenery using our professional grade tools, then share them with the world



As the captain of the aircraft, you are liable for the overall responsibility of the plane for a safe and efficient operation. So, are you ready Captain? Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to be a Pilot. Place your orders now!




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