Let’s Fight – Brawlout on Switch!

Nintendo™ Switch – EU – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Europe! Get ready for another awesome game for Nintendo Switch. Brawlout is a fighting game developed and published by Angry Mob Games. Are you ready to brawl out your opponents? Coming to Europe this May 2018. Pre-order is now available!


Brawlout (Nintendo™ Switch, EUR) US$ 39.99 pre



Engage your fighting skills on Brawlout! This is a game compose 2 to 4 players, and you must fight against each other. Each character you choose, there are a variety of fighting moves and unique attacks. Each attack does massive damages. When the damage increases, the victim flies further. The goal of the game is to throw your opponents off the stage. Attack your opponents at all cost. Do the blocking, grabbing and edge-grabbing and do combos for more damage!


There’s a feature in this game called the Rage Meter. The Rage Meters builds up when you deal and take the damages. It’s either make combos or unleash inferno with the Rage Mode. The Rage Burst pushes your opponents back. When you push them, you break their combos. Activate your Rage Mode once the meter is full. It increases the knockback you deal while reducing the amount you take. Enjoy the game with the six original characters and two indies characters to choose from. Find the right character for you and brawl out your opponents!




  • Action is kept fast and fluid – Advanced techniques like air dodging, wavedashes, directional influence, teching, ledge grabs or Rage Bursts
  • Vastly different combat styles – Each character in Brawlout has their own unique playstyle, catering to specific character archetypes seen in other fighters. Whether you’re a die-hard grappler or a rushdown fiend, there is a fighter for you in Brawlout
  • Rage Meter – The Rage Meter builds up as you both deal and take damage, allowing you either break combos with the Rage Burst or unleash hell with the Rage Mode. The Rage Burst pushes opponents back, breaking their combos and allowing players to create some breathing room at the cost of half their Rage Meter. If the meter fills, you can activate the Rage Mode, increasing the knockback you deal while reducing the amount you take



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