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PS4, Nintendo™ Switch – EU, US – PRE-ORDER NOW!


The front-runner game of D-Pad Studio, Owlboy is originally released for PC’s back in 2016. Now, Owlboy is ready to spread its wings on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in the US and PAL Territories. The game is expected to release on the 29th of May this year. Now available for pre-orders!



Owlboy (PlayStation 4™, EUR) US$ 39.99 pre
Owlboy (Nintendo™ Switch, EUR) US$ 39.99 pre
Owlboy (PlayStation 4™, US) US$ 39.99 pre
Owlboy (Nintendo™ Switch, US) US$ 39.99 pre






Step into the enchanted world of Owlboy full of floating islands. The story of the game centers on a mute owl called Otus, the protagonist of the game. Otus is not your typical type of protagonist who is a god-like figure or a superhero in costumes. Rather, Otus is one of the few inhabitants of the Owlboy world that has the ability to fly.


However, Otus has a distinct characteristic among the rest. It is mute. A sad, bullied figure who starts the game in such a miserable situation that it’s quite unbearable to watch.


On the other hand, a catastrophe befell on the peaceful environment of their world. The sky-pirates seek to invade and destroy their capital and steal powerful artifacts during the encroach.


With this, Otus took this opportunity to set out and prove to everyone that he doesn’t deserve any of those bad impressions that was thrown at him. Otus together with his friends set forth on an adventure to save the world mainly for the benefit of their co-villagers, their community, and especially, Otus himself.


The gameplay is more of like a Metroidvania-style dungeon exploration. But, knowing the fact that Otus is not the type of deity, all he can do is just dashing, spinning and flying. In order for you to help Otus in his adventure, you can make use of his companions that empowers great abilities. His best friend, Geddy, has a reliable weapon, which is a gun that can defeat most of the opponents after several hits.


As the game progress, you’ll acquire other allies that possess extra powerful weapons with different abilities for an ultimate damage and obstacle destruction. Plus, you can also obtain a hook-shot style device that can instantly save you from danger.

In addition, Owlboy consists of various puzzles for you to solve during your exploration. Some of this includes activating switches to unlock doors, going through unknown areas where you have to avoid being seen and on-the-ground platform where Otus lose his power to fly for some several reasons. And even some heart dropping chase situations which involve swapping out of your characters during a fly to deal with the several sceneries pouring in your way.


Above all, get ready for some nerve-wracking boss fight that makes you want to keep playing despite the toughest times.




  • A love letter to pixel art for a new audience, Owlboy is a story-driven action adventure, with a unique mix of flight and platforming.
  • Carry anything. Recruit Otus’s friends as gunners to fight for you, each with unique abilities and stories.
  • Large dungeons with big and challenging boss battles.
  • An adventure 9 years in the making.

Fly around the bright colorful world of Owlboy and unearth a lot of mystery and history during your adventure. Place your orders now!



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