Unleash the true power of kings with Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition!

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition

PC Ι Genre: Action-JRPG

Restarting the JRPG renaissance on consoles, the multi-million selling Final Fantasy XV is ready to revolutionize also the Action-JRPG genre on PC with the upcoming Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition!

The new version of this epic stellar game that all gamers have been waiting years for, will arrive on March 6th with a huge cornucopia of extra contents that will make the deep gameplay experience of the original chapter deeper as you’ve never played before!
Set on Eos, a world divided between four kingdoms – Lucis, Accordo, Tenebrae and Niflheim – the 15th installment of Final Fantasy series sees Prince Noctis Lucis Caelum, the heir to the throne of Lucis, travelling to home for the imminent marriage with his fiancée Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, suddenly he discovers from a radio news that Lucis has been invaded and his father, King Regis, has been killed by the treacherous occupying forces.
With no home to return to, Noctis must gather all his strength to unseal the truth behind the sinister death of his father. Luckily he’ll not face this alone, a bunch of his best friends will accompany him in a long, fascinating journey for vengeance!

Featuring a thrilling open-world which cries out for fearless warriors like you to restore the peace that the citizens are dream for, in Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition you’ll encounter titanic monsters, many different cultures, roguish enemies, and astonishing wonders!
Including also a seamless integration between the motion and environments during the battles, travel far and wide to discover even the most hidden secrets in its diversified and huge land!
Taking a steep detour away from the traditional JRPG approach Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition carries its pedigree with a careful take on fast-pacing, suspense, and a sense of helplessness surrounded by extreme struggle!

In this upcoming version, all the expansion packs and the DLC have been added, in this way you’ll save a lot of time avoiding the download and installation hassles, try out the missions in Episode Gladiolus, and Episode Prompto, experience the adventure in the most vivid way with the First Person Mode, wield exclusive powerful weapons such as the Masamune or the Blazefire Saber XV, and get many other additional contents lovely packed into it.
All of this can be played at the state of the art of technology thanks to the visually astonishing support for hi-res displays and HDR10.

With complex characters who will be taxed to make impossible choices, stunning graphic, blood pumping action and a grand original soundtrack, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will welcome you in a brand new world made of power, magic, and politics!


In addition, if you still haven’t played it on console, this is the perfect chance to pre-order the rich Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition from PlayStation Store & Xbox Live using the fast ‘n safe instant digital cards!

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