Unleash Your Superhero Powers In Hero Defense

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PlayStation 4™ – EUROPE – PRE-ORDER NOW!


The Indie Studio, Happy Tuesday, will be releasing one of their masterpiece which is the Hero Defense for the PlayStation 4 consoles. The game was originally released for PC’s back in the year 2016. Now, the developer of the game is targeting an April release of this year for the PS4 Version of the PAL Territories.


Now available for pre-order!



Hero Defense (PlayStation 4™, EUR) US$ 39.99 pre




Hero Defense is a combination of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and Tower Defense (TD) Genre. Now, Happy Tuesday confidently works on this interesting project on what combination of both genres would look like. Well, if you’re a fan of MOBA and TD games, Hero Defense would definitely be the game for you.


Hero Defense will test your expertise in playing MOBAs, TDs, and RPGs for the game demands you to push through your limit and fight against the waves of enemies.


The game is set in a dark fantasy world that has been occupied by strange creatures like werewolves, zombies, and vampires. Take in the full responsibility to command five extraordinary heroes that strive their way through several arenas to take down the antagonist of the game, Count Necrosis.


In order to defeat the world’s most ruthless vampire, execute your most powerful plan to strategically lead your heroes squad through various fields, damaging the foes as you progress.


Hero Defense is an exciting hurdle for a broad array of players. Get your monster slayers team ready and defend the world by using individual skills and defenses, fused with runes and mighty spells. Slay, slash, rip, and burn the legions of the possessed set on world domination.


In addition, Hero Defense guarantees an ultimate gaming experience through various customization possibilities. Customize your heroes through a deep RPG layer featuring, rich character skill trees, magic spells, runes, and upgradeable weapons. As the game progress, you are able to gain XP access that could level up the skill tree of your heroes. Modify your weapons by collecting powerful runes. Gather loots which provide spells that could freeze, burn, and poison the enemies. Through the use of these mighty power-ups, a huge amount of possibility flows on your way to succeeding over bosses that hold special abilities.





  • Play your Style – Fully customizable weapons system
  • TD was Yesterday – Moveable Heroes for new and dynamic gameplay
  • Deeply engaging RPG-Layer – Enjoy skill trees with loads of unique abilities
  • Liberate the Island – Hours of narrated Story campaign




Hero Defense is no wonder an interesting game to play. Go liberate your island, assemble your team, and defeat all the enemies!



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