Time To Break The Law In Lucky Dog 1 – Be The Master Of Jailbreak!

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PlayStation Vita – JAPAN – PRE-ORDER NOW!


A Visual Novel of the company Tennenouji is coming to PlayStation Vita through the partnership with the publishing company, Prototype. Introducing, the Lucky Dog 1 (ラッキードッグ1). The game is expected to launch on the 8th of March this year in Japan according to Prototype’s official website.


Lucky Dog 1 (PlayStation Vita, JPN) US$ 54.99 pre



The game will travel you back in the late 1930s set in America. Its story focuses on one particular hot Mafia group known as Cosa Nostra or CR-5, who are stuck in prison. Follow the role of the main protagonist of the game, Giancarlo Bourbon del Monto. For him, being locked in jail is such a good life. Life is at ease, he doesn’t have to worry about any duties or responsibilities. Plus, he’s friends with the guards. A culprit who is friends with the guards… in jail. It is kind of suspicious, and somehow cool, right?


Well, seems like Gian is a smart one because being friends with the officers in Jail can be one of his tactics to find his way out. And, that’s what it really looks like. Gian can have his sweet escape out of that cold bars since he is known as the master at jailbreak.


One day, Gian receives a letter from his Boss and finds out that he can become the boss of their CR-5 Gang only if, he manages to break out in that prison with the rest of the members. If he succeeds, he’s the new Boss. And, if he doesn’t, well, he might end up six feet under.


Here in the PS Vita Version of the game, there is an added “wallpaper collection” intended for the home screen. There are several kinds of wallpaper that can be read and used for specific stories and wallpapers that you can use from the beginning.


In addition, a new feature called the “Voice collection function” is added to the game where you can register your favorite voice in-game. A pre-list function is also available which allows you to play registered voices in your Voice Collection in any order.



Meet the Jailbreak Boys!

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  • You will come to choose a decision depending on the scenario that comes out during the story, this could affect the development of the story’s outcome. You can also check the progress of the game on the score screen
  • The screen ratio from the original PC version was 4: 3 while in PS Vita version will have 16: 9, so the story event couldn’t be displayed on the screen fully. However, the scroll display works up and down (drag up and down in case of touch operation)
  • On graphics, Color Tone Adjustment Function can correct the color tone of the PS Vita version. Make it a color similar to the original Windows version



Will Gian live up to his name as Lucky Dog? Discover on your own and place your orders now!



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