Wataaah! Fists of fury are unstoppable in Hokuto ga Gotoku for PS4!!!!

Hokuto ga Gotoku

PlayStation®4  Ι Genre: Apocalyptic Adventure

In the year 199X, the world was covered with atomic fires, all forms of life seem to have disappeared off the face of the Earth…the seas have dried, the land has cracked, but the human race didn’t disappear!
The world is now a wasteland of lawlessness, where the weak people are treated as slaves and playthings by the strong, above all this madness Raoh, the powerful “King of Fist”, ruling uncontested over the people. In this hellish world, there is only one man with the power to fight for the powerless, and his name alone strikes terror into evil hearts: Kenshiro!
Master of Hokuto Shinken, a legendary martial art practiced by assassins, this secret technique can focus all the energy to hit the vital points, and destroy the body from inside, Kenshiro is the last successor of the Hokuto dynasty, and the only one who can protect the hopeless people from their oppressors, he’s the End of Century Saviour, and he’s coming on PlayStation 4 with Hokuto ga Gotoku!

Set in the fortified city known as Eden, a place with a strange abundance of energy, food and water miraculously provided from the colossal dome relic who stand above it, in this futuristic court of miracles the people live a comfortable life beyond any imagination, and its entertainment district is also famous as the pre-eminent gambling capital of the world, their casinos grossing the highest amount of gaming revenue and make it also the richest city which greatly dwarfing all the other gaming places.
But Kenshiro is not reaching Eden for gambling (or at least, not only), indeed he heard some rumors that his long-time fiancée Yuria that he believed dead, is living in Eden!

Created by Toshiro Nagoshi, Hokuto ga Gotoku is a new post-apocalyptic adventure game exclusively available for PlayStation 4 which melt seamlessly the luxurious gameplay mechanics of “Yakuza” series with the exciting world of “Hokuto no Ken“, the worldwide beloved manga series written by Buronson and drawn by Tetsuo Hara, you’ll wander in Eden and you’ll have the greatest opportunity to enjoy all the entertainments that the city can offer from casino games to prepare heavenly cocktails passing through dozens of arcade milestones from Sega.
Obviously, if we’re talking about Kenshiro, we can’t miss highlighting the peculiarities of the Hokuto Shinken, in this upcoming game you’ll fight, and you’ll do it a lot!
The search for Yuria will be hindered by hundreds of wannabe and very powerful warriors, so you must be ready to carve a future for yourself through your techniques, unleashing the strongest ones you’ve seen both in the manga and the anime, the state of the art graphics will make the shower of punches and flurry of kicks more spectacular than ever!

With easy-to-learn controls and many game modes, step into the boots of the 64th Successor of Hokuto Shinken and relive his legacy. Prove your worth as the man with the power to construct and destroy the world at will, and rescue your long-time disappeared love…the power rests in your hands, become Kenshiro and take on the world in Hokuto ga Gotoku both digitally and physically!

Don’t let the Death Omen Star shine upon you, the Hokuto Shinken is still invincible…Atatatatatatata…Wataaah!!!


Download the free trial version from here, and start your quest as a warrior for the eternal love!

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