Dance the night away with Persona 5 Dancing Star Night for PS4 and PSVita!

Persona 5 Dancing Star Night & Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night

PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita Ι Genre: Music Game

The ultimate dance battle has begun!
Phantom Thieves & SEES members are ready to fight the Shadows once again using the power of the dance! Yes, that’s right, in Persona 5 Dancing Star Night & Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita you’ll show your guts fighting them performing the most spectacular moves.
Be ready to exploit your dancing techniques, executing your best special moves to defeat all of them, and enter into the fabulous realm of the Dancing Superstars!

Feel the beats, and become a true specialist of the dance floor, now it’s time to make history by the backside of the Shujin Academy and the Gekkoukan High School showing both skills and love to your friends trying to escape from the shadow world to reach the superstars’ heaven. These new music spin-off of Persona series are like a dream come true, the stage is yours and you’ll discover the truth behind the re-appearing of the Shadow Universe taking the lead role in these outrageous, and explosives heartbreaking music games!

How many Persona song titles can you find here? Well, both in Persona 5 Dancing Star Night and in Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night you’ll find dozens of the most beloved tunes from the original titles all presented in fashionably remixes that will make your ears, mind, and heart very happy!
Shake all your body with popular old hits, new high energy P-Gems, and brilliant remixes such as Brand New Days [Yuyoyuppe Remix], Heartful Cry [Atlus Konishi Remix], Memories of You [Atlus Meguro Remix], The Whims of Fate [Yukihiro Fukutomi Remix], Tokyo Daylight [Atlus Kozuka Remix], Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There [Jazztronik Remix], and many others!
If you can recognize them all, then these are definitively the titles for you 🕺🕺🕺

Alone or with a friend, play hard and build strong relationships between the characters, more empathy you’ll get and more the power of the dance will be effective against the Shadows, use this particular skill during the TOTALLY HOTTEST fever time to unleash unique powerful choreographies.
In addition, the most skilled Dancing Kings and Queens can earn thousands of precious P$ and use them savvy to flaunt their style wearing some of the most outlandish costumes and accessories ever seen in a Persona game!

It’s time to show your stuff and bring down the Metaverse!
The time to beat up the dance floor and put your grooving skills to the limit has arrived, Persona 5 Dancing Star Night & Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night for PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita will let you witness the infinite possibilities of the dance in one of the flashiest, yet most challenging games of this year both digitally and physically!


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