Aim, shoot, and be the Gal☆Savior with Gal☆Gun 2 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch!

Gal☆Gun 2

Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Exciting Rail-Shooter

Following the tradition, the principal of the Sakurazaki Academy, the teachers, and all the students have ceremonially opened the new academic year.
The student Shinobu Kamizono has delivered a speech focused on the consequences of a new project of reform regarding higher education, and science speaking also about the realization of a multiannual development plan of the school, which is intended to promote our institute abroad.
During the event both first-year students and graduate ones with the highest results in the admission process vowed to be hardworking students, they also received a special student record book. Representatives of students made speeches welcoming all students starting their education at Sakurazaki Academy.

Famous throughout all Japan, the Sakurazaki Academy is the perfect school for pure-hearted gentlemen and sweet innocent ladies.
One day during your trip to school, you discover that a mysterious app has been installed on your smartphone, just enough time to open it when suddenly a box appear on your desk, it contains a strange pair of goggles, a portable vacuum which carries the lettering Demon Sweeper, and the good, old legendary Love Gun!
As soon as you put on the goggles, a blonde, cute angel appears in front of you, her name is Risu, and her mission is to help her to save the Academy from the mischievous influence of the low-rank devil’s Kurona, you have only 30 days to accomplish this mission, so MOVE ON!!!!!

Following the legacy left by Hodai Kudoki, in the upcoming Gal☆Gun 2 for Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4 you’ve detected a highly paranormal activity, indeed seems that a horde of demons have possessed the bodies of all the girls who attend the school, act quickly to find out who or what is behind this new threat using the angelic highly powerful arsenal to expel them from all those pretty gals who only wants express their love and affection for you (even if in a very aggressive way)! Some girls might just try for a hug or a kiss, while others will bombard you with their love letters or pushing and hitting you!
With the precious help of Risu, you must charge up your pheromone gun and aim it at THE GIRL. Each of them has their soft spots, shoot at it and witness their euphoria explosion. Since you are so popular, girls charge over you and become obstacles, so aim it right!

Featuring a whole new cast of ecchi characters, the bouncy Doki Doki Mode, and an exciting desires-schedule that will let you build up a relationship with the girls to unlock a harem of new missions, and gorgeous anime-style cutscenes, from the moment you’ll push the start button you’ll find increasingly difficult to turn the console off and say them goodbye.
Be cruel to be merciful, get them out of the screen to aim at your dream girls!!!

With a huge explosion of adrenaline, pheromones, and fanservice, this game will surely titillate the fantasies of all shooters and bishoujo lovers.
There’s no place for hidin’ baby, no place to run, pull the trigger on Gal☆Gun 2 for PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch both digitally and physically!


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