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Another visual novel game with a twist is coming to Japan! Galtia V Edition is a visual novel game with a spice of yaoi perfect for female game geeks out there! This game is published by Dramatic Create. It’s coming out this March 29, 2018, only for PlayStation Vita. Are you ready to engage in war with the Kings of the four countries in this game? Pre-order is now available!


The word yaoi is familiar especially to the otaku fans out there. For those who are not familiar, yaoi is a Japanese term for a genre focusing romantic or sexual between the male characters in an anime or manga. Mostly females are the audience for this type of genre. It also attracts the male audience as well. Yaoi is also now as Boys’ love or BL. Usually, in yaoi, there is a seme or the dominant character and the uke or the passive character.

Yes! This visual novel is a yaoi genre. Let’s see the plot synopsis below via VNDB.

It was a world supported by the “Kings”.

Humans divided by the characteristics of the four large “Galtia Abilities”.

Four with these abilities were crowned the “Kings” of four countries.

A greatly individualistic society and culture constructed and developed under the protection of the kings. But slowly, the shadow of decay was creeping in.

In response to the drying of the earth, each country had their own expectations.

The “king” and the course of the world was….

A tale of war, intrigue, love and hate set in the four countries on the continent of Alderant. The protagonist Shin works as a freelancing jack-of-all-trades doing various different jobs. After getting caught up in an assassination attempt on one of the kings present at the Meeting of The Four Countries, he ends up drawing close to the mysteries of this world. – via VNDB


These are the characters of Galtia V Edition!

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While you are reading and at the same playing this visual novel game, you can enjoy the beautiful graphics that are suitable for PlayStation Vita. In music mode, there are the full version songs for each country!




  • Enjoy beautiful graphics with high resolution unique to PS Vita!
  • In the novel mode, the short story written by original staff is included. The character in SS “Episode.0” previously featured in the magazine are also planned to be installed!
  • In music mode, full version songs of each country are loaded! Besides that, a bonus element such as a private profile of the character is included as well
  • Read the story efficiently with an intuitive touch screen operation. Moreover, voice save and end list are also implemented


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