Save the dying world of Umbra with Earthlock for Nintendo Switch!

Earthlock: Festival of Magic

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: Old-school RPG

Through the ages, people have been always fascinated by the fabled worlds portrayed both in literature and folklore, all of them awed, and eluded us from the normal daily life through the ages. From the epic poets of antiquity to the post-modern writers of sci-fi, hundreds of storytellers have created imaginary and mythical lands, projecting in them human dreams, ideals, and fears.
Video games make no exception, they accompany us through these beautiful fantastic lands showing us their inhabitants, their heroes and antagonists, and, above all, their story. People like Homer, Lewis Carroll, J.R.R. Tolkien, Hironobu Sakaguchi or Shigeru Miyamoto inspired us to overtake our routines and enter in new worlds to confront things that are too incredible or challenging for our limited real-world influencing also the sensibilities and worldview of all of us.
Obviously, the best genre to live these experiences is RPG!

Earthlock: Festival of Magic for Nintendo Switch is a new kind of adventure that recalls the milestones of the past such as Phantasy Star, Seiken Densetsu, Chrono Trigger, and Xenogears. Set in the mythical world of Umbra – a world protected by lakes and mountains and full of thick vegetation lands and harsh desert territories in which the Magic is commonly used by its inhabitants – in which its spinning rotation cycle has been stopped many years ago, luckily old legends talk about some ancient relics that could restart it, but these are jealously guarded by the ministries of a long-forgotten cult…only one person could gather (almost) all of them, but he was captured by these people, now it’s up to you to travel large and wide across Umbra to discover places lost in the past and uncover the secrets of the Earthlock Artifacts.

Jump into the grand adventure of Earthlock: Festival of Magic for Nintendo Switch, six heroes will battle this evil cult that is reviving: Amon Barros – a brave adventurer which uncle has been kidnapped by ministries of the cult -, Gnart Tigermoth – a hogbunny scholar that can craft everything is needed -, Ive Lavander – an independent and deadly sniper – Olia Alagbato – a powerful amazon from the savage lands -, PAT – a high-advanced machine from the past -, and Taika – a faithful yet brave predator -; all of them have their own reasons to fight and grab the relics that are said to hold mythical powers that when un-leashed will lead the planet into a new age of prosperity.

Featuring a gamers friendly, deep tactical turn-based combat mechanics, a progression of the story which depends from the actions of the player, and a comprehensive crafting system, this new RPG for Nintendo Switch delivers a pure golden-age experience that will let shine the light in all of us in this enduring tale of good and evil, love and betrayal!

Join this digital-only festival of magic, and start a beautiful journey to a fifty faraway world.


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