Leap, Flip And Swirl Your Bikes In Urban Trial Playground!

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Urban Trial Playground

Nintendo™ Switch – AU, EU, ASIA, JAPAN

Hey there, sporty bikers. You might be quite familiar with the Urban Trial Freestyle Series on the 3DS by Tate Multimedia. If you have liked it, well, we have some good news for you, folks. Developer Teyon tied up with Tate Multimedia to bring the third entry of the series exclusively for Nintendo Switch! Introducing Urban Trial Playground, a new intense ride through the sunny and colorful beaches of California where every level is your playground.

3 goo Inc. announced that they will publish Urban Trial Playground in Japan as a physical release and is aiming for a May 24, 2018, launch. As well as to Asia, Australia, and PAL Territories. Now available for pre-order! Place your orders now!

And, the game will also be available at the Nintendo eShop and is expected to release on the 5th of April this year.

Time to show off your burning-up bike stunts folks!



Get ready to pull off your insane bike stunts on the mesmerizing beaches of California. Jump over roof decks to another and make one glorious fine land like a pro. Speed down calm rivers, mountain slopes and to the breathtaking seashores as you perform crazy stunts like twirling and spinning in the air through the ramps provided in each setting. Plus, you can also show off your death-defying tricks on the famous San Francisco Bridge of California.

And, another good news for you dear bikers. For the very first time, front and rear brake controls will be incorporated here in the game. A huge applaud to this feature should be made for you can perform tricks such as front lips and stoppies as well as sliding into huge skid burns on the course and racking up greater combos.



Take on the challenge and test your skills on the different game modes featured in the game such as Freestyle and Time Trial modes with online leaderboards. Plus, the game also features Ghost mode where you can watch your greatest runs and try to speed up beyond your limit to beat them. In order for you to succeed, aim to discover and take faster routes while performing even crazier stunts.

Race up to 50 challenging levels and enjoy the five customizable bikes provided in the game. In addition, there will be a support for two-player local multiplayer in the Time Trial and Tag modes.

Are you now ready to immerse yourself in a game where speed, balance, and style are a great necessity? Place your orders now and speed up in the mesmerizing sun-soaked background and chilled-out atmosphere of the game.


  • Every Level is Your Playground – Urban Trial Playground levels are designed as a surface able to be used to perform tricks and stunts combining your best moves into multi-score combos
  • Become the Ultimate Champion – Urban Trial Playground has been created to provide countless hours of action for fans of adrenaline and freestyle fanatics. Combine tricks in unique and virtually endless combos to grind your score and rise to the top of leaderboards!
  • Different Game Modes – Freestyle & Time Trial modes will include online leaderboards across the 50+ game levels. You can also challenge yourself in Ghost mode: watch your best runs and try to beat them by perfecting different and faster routes or performing even crazier tricks. Take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s build – in multiplayer functionality and race against friends or family in couch-based competitive modes with 2 players split screen play in Time Trial or Tag modes
  • Customization is the Key to Win with Style – UTP features 5 customizable bikes that you can not only upgrade the look of but also the engine, breaks and vital parts, which impact how the bike controls. Vast options for customization for your bike and rider will allow you to personalize your style and score new records in true California style!


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