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Nintendo™ Switch – USA – COMING SOON!


Arcade racing is already finding its niche and settling down on Switch. The shift from jet-ski to snowmobile-kind of racing is very nascent nowadays. Are you ready to race through the snow in Snow Moto Racing Freedom this March 27, 2018?


While Snow Moto Racing Freedom has some notable things to offer to gamers, it might be complicated for some. This is rooted in the fact that playing Snow Moto Racing Freedom is like doing the real thing. You read that right. It’s as if you are actually snowboarding in real-life. This includes primarily the handling of the snowboard which makes it quite cumbersome. Not unless that you are quite aware of how it works in reality, then expect to slide all over the place and initially lose in the race. But the good news is, with patience and the willingness to learn, your efforts will come to fruition and race like a pro sooner than later!

One of the many things that gamers should expect from the Snow Moto Racing Freedom will be the Championship mood. This serves as the main campaign and your main goal. More so, there are three divisions that you need to look forward to. It includes Sprint, Snocross, and Freedom League. However, hold your horses first as these divisions and tournaments are locked. The only unlocked division that you can partake in will be the first tournament in the Sprint Division. Gaining success in this division will give you the gate pass to move over to the next harder levels.

A word of advice, though, the gameplay is very hard which makes winning a single level a far-fetched feat. Hence, you will experience defeats quite a few times before even winning. But the good thing about the game is, you will be given the option to restart the current race and get the result that you are expecting to get.

Moreover, it is also noteworthy that in Snow Moto Racing Freedom, the currency system is not practiced. That way, you will have the freedom to use the 12 snowmobiles of your choice regardless of the level that you’re in. Hence, no need to unlocked all of them for you to use a specific snowmobile that you would like to use. In addition, gamers will be ecstatic to know that there are a huge variety of stunts that they can do. These stunts can help especially if you would like to gain more scores. But you are not really obliged to do so.




  • Over 40 tracks to unlock
  • 12 snowmobiles with different power and designs
  • Customise your driver by choosing a name, nationality, gear, and more.
  • All the features of Nintendo Switch™ in Multiplayer mode: with 4 players on the same screen or each with their own Nintendo Switch™ in handheld mode, anyone can take on any of their friends anywhere, anytime!
  • An online mode that lets you challenge players from around the world and try to reach the top of the rankings!
  • 7 game modes: Championship, Snocross, Freestyle, Sprint, Custom Race, Time Trial and Leisure.
  • 22 stunts to perfect





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2 Responses

  1. Xorfi says:

    Omg I love snowmobiles even though I don’t have one myself, I can’t wait for this! HYPE!

    • Joemar says:

      Hi Xorfi,

      We can feel your excitement! It will be coming soon this March 27 already. Hope you can have yours too!

      Best regards, Team

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