Valkyria Chronicles 4: Join the children of the revolution on PS4!

Valkyria Chronicles 4

PlayStation®4 Ι Genre: Tactical Wargame

The year 1935 EC was a period of tumultuous upheaval that led Europa to huge changes in people lives. Due to the technologically advanced tanks known as Edelweiss, the small monarchy of Gallia was the center of the 2nd European War between the Atlantic Federation and the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance. For years and years, these two superpowers have been seeking to unify Europe fighting a large scale war which involved all the countries of Europe. During this era of struggles and profound changes, new Heroes emerged to bring freedom and peace where needed.

It’s time to return to war with Valkyria Chronicles 4 for PlayStation 4!!!

Following the story of the Atlantic Federation’s Squad E a truly elite force trained differently than any other regular troops, expected to perform audacious, sometimes suicidal tasks during the conflict!
The new chapter of this alter-history wargame will present you a new generation of heroes equipped with a huge amount of courage, and specific combat skills. Be a brave commander developing the best strategies to lead the Squad E to the victory in every mission. Soldiers like Claude Wallace, Riley Miller, Raz, and Kai Schulen are ready to work with you. Exploit their own skills to inspire your army with fiery determination!

Featuring CANVAS engine, Valkyria Chronicles 4 is enriched with soft palettes, subtle tones, and the peculiar pencil-sketched style. The world comes to life in a unique warm way where anime and gaming mesh into a project of impressive scale. Not to be outdone with just graphics, this wargame has a very emotional story set in an interesting alternate world. Good for experienced soldiers and newbies, its gameplay mechanics are both deep and accessible by all. Move your squad to reach the best positions on the battlefield, checking factors like classes, terrain, height, and distance.

With so many varied missions and targets, every mission approach will be different. Especially when incorporating the fact that tank warfare is also a very important aspect of the battle.
All of this will take this historical book experience toward to another level!

Read the how the story really is and get involved in a war-opera filled with drama and battles. Playing with Valkyria Chronicles 4 you will let you experience stories of friendship, love and growing tragedies during a time of war and revolution both digitally and physically!


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