Rockin’ the Ultra Mechas with Super Robot Wars X for PS4 & PSV!!!


Super Robot Wars X

PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita Ι Genre: Mecha Tactical Game

Before the Sayans, the Soldiers of Athena, and the Sailor Heroines there were the Super Robots!
Officially started in 1956 with the release of Tetsujin 28-go manga series, the Super Robot era has passed through the generations to reach the contemporary age.
Developed by legends such as Go Nagai, Yoshiyuki Tomino, and many other mangakas, this particular sci-fi genre plays an important role in the pop-culture both in Japan and abroad. Appearing in hundreds of different products such as movies, books or even food, they’re an incessant source of inspiration for million of people.
Obviously, we can’t omit video games, and since 1991 there’s only one series that include all of them: Super Robot Wars!

Finally, the new chapter of this highly acclaimed series will reach the Milky Way on March 29th due to the galactic release of Super Robot Wars X for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.
Set in the idyllic world called Al Worth. A planet where gods and beasts live peacefully with a perfect balance between light and darkness. These superheroes of steel must prevent a new menace that comes from the borders of the universe. Save once again all the living beings scattered in billions of planetary systems.
So, what would you do if you had ultimate power thrust into your hands? If you’ve never thought to face this, now it’s time to do it seriously!

Featuring the most powerful humanoid mobile weapons such as Gundam F91, Mazinkaiser, Gurren Lagann, and – for the very first time – the legendary N-Nautilus from Nadia: The Secret of Blue Water. Super Robot Wars X brings super exciting battle scenes, smoother animations, and the traditional astonishing graphics to give you the highest sense of immersion!  And if this is not enough the special moves and the details of the mechas are so spectacular that set a new standard for future of the series!
Transform, wield your weapon, and then fly toward the enemy at incredible speed!

Continuing the strategic gameplay system that fans have learned to love with throughout the series! The universe counts on your cunning and tactical skills. Lead the best super robot pilots ever seen in decades. Save the universe from those who want to enslave all its inhabitants.
Mentally stimulating, live a brand new story of the worldwide beloved mech-on-mech tactical crossover games.

Engage in a new war! The combination of science and technology allows pilots to have better physical or mental attributes than normal natural-borns. Leap over the boundaries that separate the series and sweep all the chaos of the galaxy. Empower the mechas to the highest level of performance in a blink with the gamer-friendly Skill Route system. More enemies you’ll destroy and more TacP (Tactical Points) you’ll earn. Use them to improve the statistics of the robots, and install even more new abilities!

Will you use these limitless power machine to become a savior or a destroyer? If you ever cried to the heavens for a robot to save the day, then you must enter in the Super Robot Wars X universe for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita digitally or physically!

Pre-ordering the digital version from the Japanese PlayStation Store, and you’ll get 4 exciting robo add-ons that will boost this new adventure toward new and more exciting heights!
#1 – Special Chapter 0 – “A Sworn Journey”!
#2 – Additional Scenario “Special Starter Pack”!
#3 – Super Robot Wars X Original Theme!
#4 – You’ll have the special license to pilot Cyberstar and Masaki from the series spin-off “Masou Kishin The LORD OF ELEMENTAL” from the very beginning!


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