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Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN – PRE-ORDER NOW!


Level-5‘s Chibi team action RPG, The Snack World Trejarers that has grown its spark into a multimedia hit with its own film and toy figures is ready to make its way on the Nintendo Switch consoles as The Snack World: Trejarers Gold.


The game is expected to have its release date on the 12th of April this year, in Japan. There are no announcements yet if this game is going to have a Western release.


However, pre-order is now available for Japan! Place your orders now, folks!


The Snack World: Trejarers Gold (Nintendo™ Switch, JPN) US$ 55.99 pre




Furthermore, Level-5 has released a debut trailer in celebration of the upcoming The Snack World Nintendo Switch Release. Check it out below!




The Nintendo 3DS Version of the game was originally released last year in August, exclusively in Japan. And now, the Nintendo Switch version of this adorable action-RPG comes with improved graphics making it even more, engaging, plus an upgraded combat system packed with better action motions, as well as the size of the world has changed in this version and much more.


Follow the role of the three adventurers named, Chup, Pepperon, and Mayone and join them on an epic adventure! Here in this game, they used the so-called NFC technology to make use of the franchise’s Jara. NFC Technology is a line of toys that resemble the weapons Chup can discover and utilize in the game. NFC connectivity has been a major component of The Snack World toyline.


No further information was given regarding the Switch version of the game, but we will keep you posted once Level 5 officially announced additional information.



You can check out the cool screenshots of the game below.




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