To the stars and beyond with Kirby Star Allies for Switch!

Kirby Star Allies

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: 2.5D Platformer

Kirby is back, with more bouncy fun!

Hidden away in the sidereal space lies a mysterious heart-shaped crystal who keeps the universe in perfect balance. One tragic day a fiendish officiant reached it to perform an odd ritual. Unfortunately, things never go as hoped, and as result, thousands of dark scatter fall on Planet Popstar.
Turning everyone who touched them into an evil being. Kirby, the Dream Land puffy superhero, has started to investigate this phenomenon discovering that King Dedede is involved in this madness.
C’mon Kirby,  take a deep inhale and emerge triumphant for the sake of the galaxy!

Finally, the pink-hued puffball created by Masahiro Sakurai comes on Nintendo Switch with Kirby Star Allies. Returned more determined than ever to save his home-planet and his inhabitants. He trained very hard to develop powerful moves, and new abilities. This time the 28 standard Copy Abilities, can be mixed together with the Friend Abilities to give birth to something unique and massively effective.
For example, you can bridle the power of the king of insects with the Beetle ability, use psychic powers to teleport with ESP ability, or…if you need to relax, you can always take a nap to surprise King Dedede’s minions with the Sleep one!

With its addictive 2.5D action-packed fast-scrolling gameplay and its colorful art-style, Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch is a whirlwind adventure good for the whole family.
Leap, jump, fly, and – above all – practice all the new copy skills to unlock incredible powers.
Also, Kirby’s magical touch can be used to recruit enemies that will help you to solve several brain-draining puzzles or unlock deeply hidden powers.
Gather up to four friends to play can play cheerful and challenging gameplay sessions. They’ll add a big dose of fun at this incredible game.

If you’re tired of all of this excitement, you can always try the funny mini-games. They will give you the opportunity to acquire even more hearts. Try to POWER hit a meteor with your legendary flaming bat with Star Slam Heroes or feel like a true lumberman using the Joy-Cons to chop as much wood as you can with Chop Champs!

No one can stop Kirby! Full of traps, mazes, and cuteness, this game will push your skills to the limits. Get Kirby Star Allies for Nintendo Switch digitally or physically, and get set for a marvelous action experience in a galaxy where imagination is all a hero needs! Also don’t forget the useful guidebook to explore ALL the routes that will give you the opportunity to unveil more secrets, abilities, and items!


Still undecided? Well, run (and eat) across the cosmos downloading the trial version from the Nintendo eShop!

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