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PlayStation Vita – JAPAN – COMING SOON!


The Japanese visual novel company Nitro+CHiRAL who is known for their BL eroge visual novels will be porting one of their prominent works to the PlayStation Vita Console which known as Sweet Pool in recognition of the novels 10th year anniversary. According to their recent post on Twitter, the game is expected to launch on the 31st of this coming May.

However, the game is not open for pre-order yet. So, stay tuned folks!




Sweet Pool story focuses on the protagonist of the game which is a Catholic high school student named, Youji Sakiyama. As the story goes, Youji is left bewildered seeing his and his three colleagues life wavering in several ways. Furthermore, the game is not just a typical love story, rather it is also injected with several horror elements.

The story of Sweet Pool started all out when Yoji decided to head back to his school after missing a semester due to his physical condition. However, since the day he got back to the school, series of mysterious events seems to appear little by little.

One day, Yoji noticed his classmate, Tetsuo seems to act differently around him. Tetsuo’s always giving Yoji a very puzzling stabbing gaze. From the look in his eyes, you can tell that something dark is lurking within those gawking eyes. These weird acts of Tetsuo are giving Yoji all the creeps.

All of a sudden, Tetsuo reaches his neck and surprisingly, he feels all the uncontrollable lust crawling into his veins. What’s even more unexpected is that, whenever Tetsuo’s around, Yoji squirms like a cat burning in fire.

After this encounter with Tetsuo, Yoji knows that deep within his heart, it is not what he wanted but, surprisingly, his body is yearning for more. Yoji tries to ask Tetsuo why, but he never answers. Tetsuo remained his silence about the strange things Yoji is experiencing, leaving the protagonist completely frightful and perplexed.

However, Yoji also discovered the gentle side of Tetsuo making him even more interested in his strange classmate. On the other hand, Yoji met another strange young man named, Zenya. One day, Zenya suddenly approached Yoji and whispers “It’s all your fault…”


Now, let us take a closer look at the game’s characters!

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What could be the purpose of Tetsuo and Zenya in Yoji’s life? Mark your calendars and don’t miss out this cryptic and twisted tale of Sweet Pool!



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