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The Long Reach

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Imagine yourself going out at night to pick yourself something to eat at the nearest convenient store near you. As you walk across the dark street, you felt something strange is happening in your town. Despite the unknown feeling creeping into your body, you still strive to reach the convenient store.

However, when you finally arrived at the store, you suddenly found a lifeless guy covered with his own blood on the floor. And, the terrifying part is, a psychotic man suddenly appeared running towards you and aiming to stab you to death.

If you are willing to dive into this kind of thrilling and survival experience, this game is for you folks! Developer Painted Black Games tied up with Publisher Merge Games to bring an action-adventure and survival video game to the home consoles. Introducing, The Long Reach! It is an action game mixed with loads of interesting game genres built for one ultimate gaming experience.

Get ready to find your most comfortable seat as the game releases for the PlayStation 4 as The Long Reach is now officially out in the PAL Territories.

Grab yours now so you won’t miss the chance to experience this one thrilling adventure!





The Long Reach takes you in the fictional town of America known as Baervox. Here in this town, a scientific research institute is working on a project specifically concerned in a revolutionary accelerated knowledge transferring system. And with just a snap, the experiment cataclysmically went haywire.

Because of this, everything went drastically wrong. The technology in the research institute has malfunctioned resulting in a total damage to the facility. As the scientists no longer have the capacity to fix the damage, the conflict started to crawl out of the facility’s area wreaking havoc throughout the whole town.

Take the role of the game’s hero, Stewart, and join him in his horrific adventure in the town of Baervox that has turned into a total nightmare full of experiments gone wrong. Stewart is just an ordinary person, who is also a part of the research institute taking the role of a junior researcher.

As the game’s protagonist, Stewart will have to untangle the mess that his town is suffering. Since the situation is rapidly escalating, it’s his responsibility to save his town.

Prepare yourselves for a thrilling adventure with Stewart flavored with psychological context, a skeptical view on the human psyche, and sci-fi ideology.

Get yourselves ready for a lot of puzzle-solving situations that will test your analytical skills. Plus, you need to be extra cautious in your surroundings as several dark eyes of insane human beings are lurking just around the corner. When it happened that you have an encounter with these crazy foes, you must run for your lives and hide somewhere safe.


  • Magical realism. We’re going for a usual and mundane exposition part that are trashed and twisted and as the story unfolds
  • Your enemies aren’t faceless zombies or possessed puppets. They are humans whose lives and stories matter and we make sure the player knows that
  • Solo mode for adventure lovers. Control Steward, the junior researcher at the scientific institute. He is an ordinary person who will have to untangle the story, save the world and survive
  • Unforgettable narrative. It is a thrilling story, flavored with sci-fi idea, psychological context, and skeptical view on the progress and human actions
  • The Long Reach is the almost 100% classic adventure game but dressed up with a little haunting element
  • More than fifty locations
  • For about twenty main and background characters
  • More than sixty items, which you will have to collect and apply
  • More than 12 000 words in dialogs and script
  • Mad folks will haunt you. There are few of them, but they won’t let you relax
  • Handmade pixel art, created pixel by pixel from scratch
  • Original atmospheric music. Our composer’s indeed music maniac. He brings strange things into the studio and turns them into the pieces of music. We don’t understand what he’s doing, but his work can’t be overestimated


Are you ready to face your fears as you enter the dark world of Baervox Town? Show them all the courage and intelligence within you to save your dying town and survive this horrifying nightmare. Place your orders now!



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