A Way Out: All the thrills of a real prison break on PC, PS4, and XO!

A Way Out

PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Breaking Adventure

At least 2 inmates escaped from the latest prison break in town. The two prisoners escaped after an unidentified person threw a grenade inside the prison. A visitor to the prison was injured. While four others wounded when prison guards opened fire to try to stop the mass escape. The guards are right now counting the prisoners to know if the number of fugitives needs to be adjusted.
Police says that the fugitives’ names are Leo and Vincent.
Appealing to members of the public for their assistance in order to catch them. The public is also advised not to approach the prisoners directly as they are considered aggressive and dangerous but urgently report it to police at phone number 911.
The police also would like to ensure the people that the safety is the first priority at this time of the year and they are working around the clock to catch these criminals.
Investigations are continuing.

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A Way Out follows the story of Leo and Vincent begun on a sunny day of spring.  While Leo is a too confident read-to-action person. Vincent can be considered as the brain of the team due to his proverbial cold-heartedness. Becoming friends in the penitentiary, they started to work together to arrange a mass escape from there. Using all the tools and the situations to their advantage, they’ll build a relationship based on trust to accomplish their objective.
So, turn on your PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. The biggest jailbreak you’ve been waiting for will begin on March 23.

Developed by the hugely talented people behind the deeply emotional Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One is a gripping crime thriller filled with tons of action, and innumerable twists and turns where the smallest choices can cause dramatic consequences.
Developed as an interactive drama for two players, you and a friend will be called to make an intrepid escape from prison.
Featuring a very original yet unique gameplay mechanic, this is an entirely co-op only adventure.
Each player will control a character, and as the story proceeds, they’ll learn the authentic value of the cooperation and trust. Shown with a clever split-screen view, you and your friend will be able to act independently even if Leo and Vincent are in the same place. This is very helpful to solve intricated situations such as shootings or car accidents.
High-octane action, crazy puzzles, and a compelling plot make this cinematic-adventure a must play one!

With its unparalleled atmosphere A Way Out for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One reproduce faithfully all those suspenseful action sequences that you’ve seen in movies like Escape from Alcatraz or Papillon. Make your moves, engaging a fight with police using weapons or punches, and do all you can to run-out from a coercive system developed only for physical and psychological punishment.

A Way Out is an adrenaline-fuelled intense cinematic adventure which forces the players to go beyond their limits! With its intuitive and imaginative way of playing, this title will empower players to perform a real run for life!
Check out a new & original type of game playing with it digitally or physically.


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