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Yūsha no Kuse ni Namaiki da DASH!

Being bad has never been so good!
Everytime a new dark lord rises, hopeful heroes are always ready to battle and restore the ancient regime. Indeed people don’t like unexpected changes in their lives, and due to this often kings from all over the realms hire apparently brave and disinterested people to “save” their power over the lands.
Since the first years of the gaming industry, million of adventures forced the player to act as so-called white knights. But luckily, sometimes, anarchy take over the good ones giving you the opportunity to be bad to the bone!

This is the case of Yūsha no Kuse ni Namaiki da DASH!  (a.k.a. What did I do to deserve, this my lord!?) for iOS and Android. The new episode of this series originally appeared on PSP has come for mobile devices with its usual off‐the‐wall humor, nostalgic retro style, and deep action puzzle action! But added with more features, more classes of heroes to stop, and new original ways to design the dungeon of your nightmares.

As you maybe have already understood, the goal is simple. Dig and maintain the dungeons to challenge those good fellas. Create an out-of-mind intricated labyrinth and populate it with thousands of monsters, ogres, and any other type of dark creatures. They’ll defend your underworld realm to help you to reach and rule also over the surface.

The privacy is important so don’t let these weak humans invade your living space.
The only way to succeed with your mission is to play with Yūsha no Kuse ni Namaiki da DASH! for iOS and Android.
Add a pinch of genuine darkness to the world around you!

Makai Wars

Finally the time has come! Appeared in Makai Kingdom as a bonus character, the 13 years old gothic style girl Asagi Asagiri was also the absolute protagonist of the never released vaporware entitled Makai Wars. Firstly announced as a PSP title during E3 2004, and then re-announced for PlayStation 3 at TGS 2005. 14 years has passed since then, but Makai Wars is now available on Google Play and iTunes Japan!
One night, Asagi dreamt to become a truly Heroine and encountered her evil twin. Soon after this, the goddess Freya summoned her to save the Nippon Ichi’s multiverse from the Makai army.

Colorful, witty, and challenging, Makai Wars for iOS and Android brings exciting tactical RPG gameplay to mobile. Its unique features have been specifically designed to bring an all-new experience both for newcomers and experienced veterans of the Disgaea saga.
Thanks to an incredibly intricate story, and a deep yet finely-balanced strategic gameplay Makai Wars is an absorbing tale of heroism and supernatural conflicts.

Recruit even new heroes, and sees how the relationships with you can impact of the twisty plot of this game. Crazily filled with legendary strategic battles, powerful weapons, and highly spectacular spells, Makai Wars change tactics into action. Get ready to throw your troops in the multiverse like long-range missiles to destroy enemy soldiers, obstacle, and whatnot for the sake of all worlds!

Get Makai Wars for iOS and Android now.

Brave Frontier II

Year A.I.E. 300 – After the defeat of the Holy Emperor Karna Masta, who aimed to conquer the world of Extas 10 years ago, a new threat is coming from the dark. The mysterious organization called Neo Orcus is acquiring a lot of power in a very short time, destroying several kingdoms and worlds to accomplish their obscure plans.
Only six brave magical knights can stop it: the flame braver Vargas, the water amazon Serena, the tree protector Lancel, the master of thunder Ezel, the heroine of light Atro, and the dark summoner Magulus!

Like the previous chapter of the series, Brave Frontier II for iOS and Android is full of exciting turn-based battles, mind-bending riddles, and vast lands. Travel large and wide across the kingdoms. Set free the occupied lands, and above all unveil the secrets behind the organization.
Only the mightiest standing! Show the enemies your out-of-this-world battle techniques with the innovative Cross Brave Burst (a.k.a. XBB) ability.
Tap on the screen as fastest as you can, fill the gauge…and then ATTACK!
Thanks to this fast-paced battle mode you’ll be able to eradicate even the most powerful enemies in a flash using these legendary moves.

Go deep into icy caves of fire, cross burning lands, and wield your faithful weapon against brutal unforeseen demons.
Survival depends on your wits, your abilities, and your companions. Plunge into the dark side of Extas, and save this world once again fusing technology and magic into your soul!

Get Brave Frontier from iTunes and Google Play Japan.

In addition, don’t forget that after two years of development, the ambitious much-awaited JRPG 23/7 Twenty Three Seven is available! In this time focused adventure, you’ll investigate on the mystery of the “missing hour”. Travel between the different dimensions of the reality to unveil the dark secret behind the 9 o’clock disappearance from the clocks of the whole world! Act fast because time is running out!

Are you ready to begin a new quest for uncharted lands? Well, in this case, don’t hesitate to download these great JRPGs from the Japanese App Store and Google Play, and then press on the button below to unlock new spells, abilities, and items that will make your mission easier (but just a little 😉 )


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