Nindies on Nintendo Switch: The paradise of non-conventional titles!

This is a very lucky day for all Nintendo Switch owners with so many new announcements on yesterday’s nindies spring showcase.  We can’t wait to give Grip, Bad North, Pool Panic or Light Fall a try on our Nintendo Switch, only we need to wait. But let’s rejoice because some new indie titles are available or will be in a matter of hours.  Covering a large number of genres and styles, these games are simply perfect if you want to try something original, created with a large amount of passion!

So, get your Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Cards, and fill your Switch internal memory (or SD card) with unique and engaging games while supporting the Nindies gaming scene. So now, let’s play with swords, spaceships, rockets, ninjas and some dudes!

Sol Divide Sword of Darkness – US$7.99 / 864JP¥

The classical shooting genre has been one of the oldest genres in video game history. Started in the early 1980s with arcade releases such as Space Invaders, this genre became hugely popular during the years thanks to well-known series like Gradius, R-Type, and Dodonpachi.
During the 90s one of the most popular shooting developers was Psykyo. Founded in 1992 this company has published some of the greatest shooting milestones ever appeared both in arcades and on consoles. Titles like Sengoku Ace, Zero Gunner, Gunbird, and Strikers 1945 are still played everywhere acquiring even more new fans everywhere.

To refresh the genre toward new goals, in 1997 Psykyo has released a new type of game which fused shooting and hack & slash gameplay mechanics into one game, we’re talking of Sol Divide Sword of Darkness! Set in a fantasy style world the evil dark emperor Eftar sent his huge army to its four corners in search of the mystical spirit stones. Gathering these powerful relics he’ll be able to resurrect Heladius – the God of Destruction – and begin a dark age under his supreme control.

Only three warriors can put a stop to Eftar’s plan: the blue-skinned birdman Kashon – who aim to avenge the death of his father who died when Eftar occupied his village -; the dark knight Vorg – which hometown has been destroyed by Eftar’s soldiers -; and the thousand-year-old sorceress Tyora – the creator of the spirit stones-!
Joining their abilities in combat, these three heroes are the only ones who can save the world keeping a bright future of freedom and peace to all its inhabitants.

Finally, this classic treasure gem will arrive on Nintendo Switch on March 22. Bringing all of its old-school charms on the new Nintendo console, Sol Divide Sword of Darkness will returns in full 2D glory for the joy of old and new shooting games’ fans. Featuring a visually astonishing art-style, an impressive RPGish branched story, and a non-stop load of enemy’s bullets, you’ll fly over cities, plains, and deserts dangerously filled with a huge number of soldiers and minions. Eradicate all of them, and prepare to face the frightful giant bosses that will welcome you with loads of bullets.

Suitable for all type of gamers, Sol Divide Sword of Darkness for Nintendo Switch summarize the best of shooting and hack & slash genres in one epic game!
Get it from Japanese or US Nintendo eShop.

Gekido: Kintaro’s Revenge – US$12.99

One year has passed since the defeat of the devilish crime boss Kintaro. Now Angela has returned to live peacefully with beloved parents…until today!

Dark omens are rising from the far east, the last successor of the legendary Shin-Ken – a powerful martial art which requires dozens of years to be mastered – heard some worrying rumors about the return of Kintaro. If they would be true, his resurrection could let fall the world into a dangerous spiral of desperation once again. To investigate on them Tetsuo and Shingo joined their forces and started a new mission in a faraway rural village.

16 years after its release for Gameboy Advance, Gekido: Kintaro’s Revenge returns on Nintendo Switch! Once again, the fate of the world rests in your hands. As fearless fighters, unite your arms to perform the most devastating attacks while you vanquish your enemies in an epic clash between good and evil that will determine the destiny of the Earth.

Presented with a visually impactful 16-Bit art style. Gekido: Kintaro’s Revenge on Switch rewrite the fighting action genre from the roots. Leap into high octane action without thinking too much, the time to prevent a global scale invasion from the underworld rulers is running out, so attack now & ask questions later!

Keep calm and get comfortable! Tetsuo and Shingo are ready to take back the planet, no matter what it takes; they will not stop punching, kicking, and slamming until they clear the trash from every street in the village.

They’re ready for battle on Nintendo Switch, the question is…R U???

Manticore Galaxy on Fire – US$17.99 / 2100JP¥

As one of the fastest growing and prestigious security spacelines in outer space. Manticore ltd. serves many of the Neox Sector major companies and their clientele.

We own our own firearms and equipment and we are fully licensed by the terrestrial authorities. Our skilled pilots are trained to offer our clients a high-quality security service which is designed to minimize disruptions of commercial cargo spaceships and also meeting all intergalactic regulatory requirements.

To improve our service against the rising threat of space pirates, Manticore Inc. is currently seeking applications for qualified First Officer and Command positions on our fleet. This is an exciting opportunity to join us, and have an exciting job.

Minimum Requirements:
· Minimum total flight time of 300 hours
· A valid Neox Class 1 Medical Certificate
· 20/20 vision
· The unrestricted right to work in Neox System
· Be a cool head person

All applicants must submit an application via the careers page. You will be asked to provide a profile which you can update when your contact, employment, and flight hour details change.


Stage 1 – Application Review
Applications will be reviewed and suitable candidates will progress to the next stage.

Stage 2 – Online cognitive testing
You will receive a document with all the instructions needed to complete the testing. Please note that during evaluation days the company will conduct also cognitive testing.

Stage 3 – Assessment Days
The process will take two consecutive days, which will include Interview, Group Activity, and a Simulator training.

Once candidates have progressed through the stages, the final outcome will be advised within 1-2 weeks.
For more information check our US or Japanese pages!

Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja – US$7.99

Bad dudes with strong attitudes!

In 198X the US President Ronnie has been kidnapped by the evil organization known as Dragon Ninja. Due to the dangerousness of normal rescue procedures, the White House contacted the Secret Service to save him without any harm.
For this type of mission, the best choice can’t be anything that the famous team Bad Dudes! Formed by two agents called Blade and Striker. This street-smart brawlers duo is the best to save the President and eradicate all those vicious shadow warriors once for all!

Developed and published by Data East in 1988, Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja was one of the greatest hits of the 80s! Released for all the game systems of that time – Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Atari ST, Commodore 64, MS-DOS, NES, and ZX Spectrum – this beat ‘em up is still renowned as one of the best examples of the genre.
Starting in the dirty, mean streets of New York City, these urban warriors will travel along all the country to save President Ronnie (Reagan) from the shadowy terrorists.

When the terrorists dominate the countries, your last chance is to turn on your Nintendo Switch. Help Blade and Striker to regain the order!
Providing some of the most brutal thugs produced by the slums, these formidable warriors can count on their fists and kicks to win. Full of stamina! You’ll wander across NYC not only by foot but also on running trucks and trains, nothing can’t stop you until the mission is accomplished!

Enjoy its frantic action! In Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja for Nintendo Switch you’ll be called to surpass your limits in martial arts, indeed even the most sophisticated weapon is not effective against a well trained secret agent!

Check the US Nintendo eShop today, and remember that no punch can hurt if you don’t feel pain!

OPUS Rocket of Whispers – US$8.10 / 999JP¥

Many millions of years since the humankind have left their home planet. The Earth bacame only a far, legendary system worshipped in the religion called Earthology.
Now, the people live among the stars through innumerable planets, and each population has his own habits and traditions.
One very peculiar one regarding funerals, because people believe to come from the stars. Many of them spend their lifetime to build a rocket to reach the ultimate destination…

OPUS Rocket of Whispers for Nintendo Switch will you witness this cosmic custom. Set on an icy planet devastated by a terrible plague, you’ll follow the story of two of the few survivors that must build a rocket to bring their deceased beloved ones into space.
Featuring a brand new heartwarming story written by the IMGA nominated writer of OPUS: The Day We Found Earth, this intense indie title for Switch portrays a course of extraordinary challenges set with heavy tones of spirituality, emotions, memories, and catharsis.

Explore the planet, to find ancient and modern items that can be assembled to build the rocket.
This game is not only a deeply emotional adventure game but also a compelling investigation about the intimate relationships between us and our parents, relatives, and friends. Discover how far you can go to fulfill the last desire of your beloved ones.
Starting with this premise, prepare to experience with one of the most interesting adventures of the year. Combining exploration, puzzles, and poignant emotional narrative, OPUS Rocket of Whispers for Switch takes you into an unforgettable interactive drama that will let you discover the power of love.

This is a game that will make you laugh and cry. It is a movie not only for young ones but also for those that keep their heart intact.
Enjoy it playing with US or Japanese version!

Are you ready to play with some of the newest titles of the whole Nindie scene? Thanks to the Nintendo eShop Instant Digital Codes, you’ll not only grab loads of them until you fill the hard drive up, but also help the small development studios to develop and release new, and innovative games in the future!

Stay tuned, tons of Nindependent games are only waiting for you!


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