Fate/ EXTELLA Link Digital Pre-order Bonus

Fate/ EXTELLA Link story begins with Master and Nero, who won the Holy Grail War and were awarded the “Regalia,” a ring that proves their kingship, rule over the Servants they once fought against and start a new beginning on the moon’s new world, bla bla bla… or you might just call it “Fate” warriors with storylines enhanced version and God Lü Bu is truly in the game lol.  Ha…let take a look at the preview.

Exclusive digital pre-order bonus will gain the “Alteraria” costume.  As the preview, it seems like a skin cover on Altria Pendragon and without any extra move set. 


JP PSN Digital code

Hey Fate fans, we also open the Limited box pre-order. It will be included: 

  • PS4 Game: Fate/Extella Link
  • Mahjong Tile Set: Aruko Wada-illustrated “Moon Holy Tile” <— this is awesome
  • Special box: Aruko Wada-illustrated
  • Product code: Scathach Costume “Makyou Sergeant”
  • Soundtrack CD




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