Meet your ancestors with Happy Birthdays for Switch!

Happy Birthdays

Nintendo Switch Ι Genre: World Creator Simulation

Do you remember the time when your science teacher explained how our planet was the only one that could sustain complex lifeforms? At first, the Earth was only a noisy and hot place filled with asphyxiating gas from volcanoes and oceans of lava that gurgled all around the globe. When something surprisingly arose from the dark primordial ooze, the first living cells multiplied and created jellyfish and worms. They soon evolved to become fishes with flexible necks. These creatures dragged themselves out of the water to colonize the dry lands and became the biggest creatures that have ever walked on this planet: the dinosaurs!

Well, from March 29th you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience how the evolution theory works creating your own world with Happy Birthdays for Nintendo Switch. Starting from a formless piece of rock, you’ll create a baby planet with its own physical laws, star systems, and intelligent life. Provocative and absolutely funny, this sandbox simulation game changes an impossible dream into reality.

Developed by the creator of Harvest Moon, Yasuhiro Wada, in Happy Birthdays for Switch you can do all that you want because this is YOUR WORLD! Using the deep yet gamer-friendly godly tutorial you’ll be called to experiment new lifeforms, model the planet’s shape playing with mountains and oceans, and – above all – adjust the climate conditions to optimize this newborn complex ecosystem for strengthening the life cycles.

This a game where the world(s) is as infinite as your imagination! There are tons of different ways to enjoy this world creator simulation, with just three game modes: Story, Free, and Challenge.
Let that an entire planetary system becomes your laboratory. Help new animal and vegetable lifeforms to evolve into creatures provided with higher intelligence.
Grow small organisms into a titanic T-Rex. Expand a little rivulet into a large sea. Adjust every single parameter and see how the planet (and its inhabitants) react to the changes.

Including more than 300 different lifeforms, and the full in-game language support in Japanese, English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Chinese, Happy Birthdays for Nintendo Switch is a one of a kind “Mother Nature” simulation. It will let you live the epochal march of life-development on a planet in a truly accessible way. Sponges, worms, insects, fish, dinosaurs, birds, early mammals; it’s all here comprised in only 1.5GB of digital only artificial selection, evolution, and humor!

Can something wondrous like the world creation can be represented in a game? If it’s Happy Birthdays, the answer is yes! Act as a creator in a pre-big bang universe, and use your imagination to give birth to your own personal planet while you fill it with the most incredible creatures!


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