BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Pre-order Announcement

Last year, Arc System Works has a great success from BlazBlue CENTRAL FICTION.  This year they craft a new edition “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” to continue the success.  We saw some of familiar “BlazBlue” characters in the trailer, there are also popular characters from “Persona 4” and “UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe: Late[st]”.  Rather only the playable characters, players also able to call the “assist move” during the battle, we might expect some special co-op attack move-set from related characters.  By the last minutes of the trailer, yahooooo!!!! “RWBY” Ruby Rose confirmed will join the battle.


As BlazBlue CENTRAL FICTION lot of fans feedback the battle system is quite complicated, Arc System Works review their battle system and brings us a new easier one this time.  Basically, all attack moves only trigger by square and circle buttons.  By the different combination players pressed, the combo hit raised.  Players also have to consider characters combination, since that might affect the partner effect and bring tons of multiplicity attack.

The special edition and DLC also confirmed from Arc System Works, we will keep update on it. Stay on Play-Asia Blog and peace out!






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