You must act as cold as ice with Frostpunk for PC!


PC Ι Genre: Strategy Game

A new Ice Age has begun! Welcome in the most turbulent, unpredictable, and coldest years of modern history. Even the world’s most renowned scientists debated about climate change on Earth, the common people have witnessed the expansion of ice and snow over the lands. Even the once so-called warm zones of the planet are now covered with a thick white carpet. This dramatic change carried mass starvation, disease, and social unrest, not only in the poorest regions of the world but practically everywhere.
To survive in the most comfortable way possible, humans have engineered the construction of innovative technology which exploits the steam. Thanks to this powerful natural resource, people can hope to live a better life.

Welcome to the overwhelming cold world of Frostpunk for PC! Acting as a leader of one of the few steam-powered cities, you’ll have complete freedom to manage it in a total way. As you maybe already know this modern Ice Age unveil one of the most ancient issues for all the living beings: survive!
For example many farms on the planet has been devastated and they can’t produce enough food for all, almost all the buildings must be redesigned from the roots to keep the warm inside, and the territories outside the cities became a sort of post-apocalyptic wastelands in which you’re lucky if you survive for an entire day.
In Frostpunk for PC you must face these, and many other hard challenges in order to provide a “normal life” to the inhabitants. Forget everything you ever learned about the past life on Earth. Now the planet is hard to live place in which cooperation between people is essential for survival.

Choosing your favorite form of government, every decision you make will influence people, events, and the consideration that the other leaders will have of you.
Featuring an all-in-one management system, in this strategy game, you must be careful to optimize the resources, establish new laws and customs, explore the external territories, and much more!
A cold intelligence is vital to take (sometimes) painful decisions without flinching, all for the sake of the community.
Will you allow to let employ children in any work? Or will you abandon sick or wounded people at their own destiny? The choice is up to you, and only your morality can help you to make the best decision.

Frostpunk for PC is a real-time strategy game which addresses all the wannabe-a-ruler gamers out there! Expand, improve, and protect your city to keep the highest living standards in a harsh world where only strong can survive.
Gather resources within a massively living city, secure a home, and create innovative devices while you’ll explore an immersive world full of mystery inhabited by a huge cast of characters that can help or hinder you. This is not an adventure for the weak. Fear and mistrust are a daily matter of this icy era!

Push your strategic skills to the limit and work hard to make happy thousands of people digitally or physically!
All of them are counting on you!


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