Save endangered humans from Extinction with your PS4 and XO!


PlayStation®4, Xbox™One Ι Genre: Attack on Ogres Game

The world is in ruin! Since their first appearance, the giant ogres known as Ravenii have destroyed civilized cities killing hundreds of thousands of people. Only the royal elite army of the Sentinels have a little possibility to defeat these 150-foot-tall creatures. As mankind’s last hope, your mission is to eradicate them and let survive your species. Able to squash entire districts with one single stomp. These ogres are followed by a great number of minions hungry for human flesh!
After much struggle, sacrifice, and losses, the human race has been able to build fortified cities that can defend against gigantic life forms that have emerged! Your tactical mind and combat skills are the only way to protect the inhabitants!

In Extinction for PS4 and XO, you’re Avil, a new member of the Sentinel corps. who distinguished in the training course for his brilliant mind and strong motivation. During that hard time, you have been exposed to an ultra-intensive training in which your lungs burned due to the infinite runs, your fingers cramped due to the weapons’ handling session, your muscles ached during the long battle-simulations, and your stamina suffered due to the overwhelming pressure.
Now you’re the perfect soldier that can save the day!
Strongly inspired by Attack on Titan series, in this high octane action game you must fight your way, to slash more monsters possible to put an end to this dreadful threats.
Wielding different types of weapons, your fighting style will have a huge effect on the battles. If you’re a short distance fighter, you’ll perform strong melee attacks using your faithful sword, while if “caution” is your codeword be ready to stay out from the ogres’ attack range attacking them with the long whip while you assist your comrades.
Master all the techniques you’ve learned during the training to find the perfect fighting style developing and unlocking even more deadly abilities.

Featuring a long, immersive, and twisted dark storyline, and several exciting game modes such as dozens of original side missions, the Custom Battle Mode where you can create your own battlefield and share it online or the relentless Extinction Mode in which you must prove your true valor facing endless waves of evil hordes, Extinction for PS4, and XO will shows an beautifully detailed world that will capture all the drama and the intensity of a out-of-this-world invasion of mythical creatures.
With the perfect balance of action and exploration, this game injecting a more brutal and visceral edge to the genre providing a new kind of adrenaline filled title!

You have no excuse to put off your own personal combat test against these giant ogres!
It’s time to start a new global war for supremacy both digitally and physically with Extinction for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One!


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