Legend of Kay Anniversary Is Ready To Slash Its Way On Switch This May

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Legend of Kay Anniversary

Nintendo™ Switch – EU & US – PRE-ORDER NOW!

In 2005, a young warrior cat who’s name is Kay, was introduced to us by Neon Studios through the PlayStation2. Since its release, the game received positive reviews and was later on developed for the Nintendo DS. And due to its success, an improved version of the game known as Legend of Kay Anniversary was developed for several gaming platforms such as PS4 and Wii U and even on PCs. And now, our courageous cat warrior will hop on his new journey to the Nintendo Switch as the game launches on the 29th of May this year in the US and EU!

Thanks to THQ Nordic who made this game possible to be ported out to the current generation of Nintendo. Woohoo! Who’s excited to join Kay on his Nintendo Switch adventure? Save your copies now and avail it through a pre-order purchase. What are you waiting for? Hit that button below to place your order!




After more than a decade of its initial release, our brave little warrior Kay, finally hit the current gen of Nintendo unleashing the games insanely improved features by Kaiko Games. Get yourselves ready to be immersed in one fine remastered version of the original that includes high-resolution textures, new, more detailed character models and modern rendering techniques.

Plus, an improvement in its sound quality was also done that is said to be a “crystal-clear surround sound,” that gives the classic game a new spark. And there will also be the added portability of Nintendo’s latest system.

Legend of Kay Anniversary is an astonishingly hilarious game and a challenging action-adventure for the young and adult. So, join the adventures of Kay and experience a unique combination of Jump ‘n’ Run, puzzle solving, action adventure, and martial arts-combat.

If you’ve never played or heard about this game before, you play as Kay, a hotheaded young cat, and the Master’s finest martial arts student. Kay lives in the mystical land of Yenching where animals are its main inhabitants. Before, Kay and his co-residents lived a peaceful life until the king of gorillas and rats invaded their village. These wicked creatures now govern the majority of their village with an iron fist. Now, since Kay is trained in martial arts, he used his ability to take on the challenge to defend and save their village from this cruelty.

Taking the role of Kay, you must master the power of the sword, the hammer and the claws across 25 Eastern-styled levels. Are you ready to defend Yenching?



  • 25 different levels with over 15 enemy types and epic boss battles
  • 3 different primary weapons (sword/hammer/claws) with distinct combat styles
  • Various mini-games such as wild boar racing, dragon flying, and wolf riding
  • Online rankings: compare your score with your friends’ and compete against the best in the world


And, if you want to have a copy of the Wii U and PS4 US Version of the earlier game, you can have it here! Click that button below and grab yours now!



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