Rainy Frog’s games coming in Tokyo Sandbox

Rainy Frog announced 4 games will participate in the 3rd “TOKYO SANDBOX”.  Those games will be exhibited during the TOKYO SANDBOX and welcome visitors to try.  The 3rd “TOKYO SANDBOX” will be held in this weekend, 14th – 15th April 2018 in Tokyo Asakusabashi Hulic Hall.

MAX マジックマーカーと兄弟の絆

Pick up your incredible pen to rescue the younger brother.  Perfect design cutscenes and masterpiece stage design, allowing players to enjoy a movie-like gaming experience.


The story begins with the village has been attacked by demons and keeps disappearance of children. Tetsuo decides to figure it out the reason for it.  The game allows co-op with 2 joy-con to discover the mystery conspiracy behind the village.


This game first released on the smartphone platform and Rainy Frog remastered it on Switch this year.  Mekorama stand as a puzzle game, players allow moving the cube to solve stages, with a relaxing BGM definitely worth you a while.


What a memorable graphic, the game choose all the classic cars, music, style and bring you back to the 80s!  The game allows career mode, time attack or even edit your own track!  The game already available in both US and JP e-shop.  Car lovers how can miss this!


We also have limited stocks for the Japan e-shop card, grab yours and have fun on Nintendo!!!

Nintendo e-shop cards (JP)

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