Gal Gun 2 DLC Costume Available In Japan

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Gal Gun 2


Be careful what you wish for ’cause you might just get it!


Inti Creates made fans jump out for joy when they released a trailer showcasing the 2nd wave of DLC outfits for Japan. Now you can have your ladies dressed in Angel Nurse Uniform, Short Qipao (Chinese Dress), or in Bikini Swimsuit. Now, how cool and sexy is that?

Find out for yourself what we’re talking about.




Can’t get enough of the video and would you like to ogle more on these ladies on still? We got you covered! Below are the screenshots of each the costumes.




“Angel Nurse Uniform” Costume Set

  • Costume: Angel Nurse Uniform
  • Accessories: Nurse Cap, Blue You
  • Item: Clinical Records of Love


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“Short Qipao” Costume Set

  • Costume: Short Qipao
  • Accessory: Chinese-Style Hair Ornaments
  • Item: Happy Nikuman


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“Bikini Swimsuit (Black & White)” Costume Se

  • Costumes: Bikini Swimsuit Doki Doki Black, Bikini Swimsuit Ecstasy White
  • Accessories: Hibiscus Hair Ornaments, Orca Float
  • Item: Tropical Drink


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The costume set is valued at 500 yen each. But you can get these three costumes for 1,200 yen. And speaking of this, you can check the button below to see the PSN and Nintendo eShop cards that are available to get this DLC.




But before that, get your Gal Gun 2 physical copy. The sought-after game is available for Nintendo Switch in Japan and PS4. Europe must be so thrilled that they’re the first ones to get the game with its April 13 launch. While North America must wait a little bit later for April 24 for its release.

Click the button below to get the physical copy of Gal Gun 2.



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