My Hero Academia: One’s Justice New Characters

BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment revealed the new PV of My Hero Academia: One’s Justice. Each character with their special “personalities”, as the updated trailer players have to understand their advantage to end the battles.  Moreover, two new heroes confirmed at the end of the trailer.  Shota Aizawa with ability – erasure, can be disabled rivels “personalities” in a short period, meanwhile, the opponent only can counter in short range.  However, the opponent might forget Aizawa is pretty good at his short range skill. Stain with ability – blood curdle allowing him to paralyze an opponent by ingesting samples of their blood.  Stick with the original manga, ultra-fast pace actions will kill opponents in light speed.  He is a fighter-type role with both speed and strength.

In addition, the season 3 animation has been broadcasted start from 7 April. The film version of the animation and My Hero Academy THE MOVIE  has also been announced a few days ago will be on cinema 3 August.



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