Raise against the machines with Metal Max Xeno for PS4 and PSVita!

Metal Max Xeno

 PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita Ι Genre: JRPG

Theorized and deeply examined by prominent scientists and researchers such as Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk, Jaan Tallinn or Max Tegmark, AI Takeover is (so far) an hypothetical situation in which superintelligent AI acquire the ability to control the planet using normal computer and robots and rebel against the humankind.
Very popular in speculative sci-fi, this scenario has been ported in hundreds of books, comics, movies, and many other media including Terminator, Mega Man X, Matrix, NieR: Automata, and the long-running video game series Metal Max!
In all of these series, the human brains have been extremely surpassed by artificial superintelligences. They soon became so advanced that are now beyond human control.  Due to repeated attacks made by the mother computer NOA. In the year 2099, the humankind is very near to the extinction. Reducing Tokyo to a large pile of rubble, a band of seven rebels lead by hunter Talis will try to oppose to its dominion to save the hopeless people from slavery…
Welcome to the apocalyptic new world of Metal Max Xeno for PS4 and PSVita!

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the series. The first chapter has appeared in 1991 on Nintendo Famicom. So far, Metal Max series count 14 episodes that tell the story of the clash between humans and machines set in futuristic wasteworld. The upcoming Metal Max Xeno makes no exception. It brings us into a new conflict for hope against the AI controlled sentient behemoths.
Piloting the most advanced tanks designed by rebellion’s engineers to deliver superior firepower and mobility. You and your allies will be called to move quickly in the city. Creating a rainstorm out of bullets to put an end to the machines’ offensive. Knowing the characters’ strengths and weakness to strategize your battles in the most efficient way possible in order to reduce the losses. Thanks to the semi-real-time battle system, you can carry out your offense and defense plans while you shower all those dangerous creatures with bullets, missiles, energy waves, and any other type of exploding things!

With eight fully customizable vehicles – all of them can be improve equipping more than 500 parts that will make them an ultra-powerful army on continuous tracks – explore the wasteland of Tokyo far and wide to discover even new and rare parts that can be assembled on your tank to create the best weapon ever…after all only a high-tech machine can beat its counterparts!
Check out the shops to see all they’ve to offer. Hunt down wanted enemies to earn money. Study the attack patterns to destroy the monsters’ sharp fangs and claws. Metal Max Xeno for PS4 and PSVita is an amazingly rich game thanks to its dark long story and totally out-of-mind weirdness. Featuring armored rhinos with rocket launchers on their backs, blobs with tentacles, mechanized gasoline containers, and even titanic mothership-dinosaurs equipped with fiery cannons, this open-world based JRPG provides also an enormous number of wacky side-quests and hunting missions!

Welcome on the roads to nowhere! Enter in your tank and explore a vast digital and physical wasteland of opportunities with the new Metal Max Xeno for PS4 and PSVita!
The whole humankind count on you!


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