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METAL MAX新作《坦克戰記 異傳 -末日餘生-》中文版5月31日發售!

迎接25週年的《坦克戰記》系列最新作品登陸PS4、PS Vita,並且首次繁體中文化。本作舞台為209X年的「真‧世紀末」,描述人類瀕臨滅絕時,在化為一片死寂荒野的「死亡TOKIO」中,發誓要向超重量級怪物復仇的主角「泰利斯」及其鋼鐵愛機「戰車」的活躍歷程。

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Reminiscing Street Fighter’s Iconic Toys–Now Up For Grabs!

Street Fight Toys And Collectibles   What comes to your mind when you hear “Street Fighter?” Surely, you’ll associate things like the conventions of the one-on-one fighting genre, noteworthy characters from around the world,...

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Cube Creator X’s Complete Overview Trailer is Here!

Cube Creator X Nintendo™ Switch – JAPAN   Anyone among you waiting for Cube Creator X? Well then, Arc System Works launches a new complete overview trailer in addition to the first two trailers....