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Metal Max Xeno

PlayStation 4™ & PlayStation Vita – JAPAN


Kadokawa Shoten‘s Metal Max Xeno surpasses 50,000 copies in only two days after its release in Japan. Metal Max Xeno (メタルマックス ゼノ) is the sixth title of the Metal Max series. This is also the first Metal Max title in Sony PlayStation consoles. We have great news for you, gamers, out there. This game is now available on our website. We have stocks! Grab your copy now!




Here’s the official Twitter update from the producer Juntaro Kono. See the tweet below.


Moreover,, here are the retail sales debuts for the previous Metal Max titles, according to Famitsu.


  • Metal Max 4: Gekkou no Diva (3DS) – 23,092
  • Metal Max 3 (DS) – 50,838
  • Metal Max 2: Reloaded (DS) – 27,115
  • Metal Max 2: Break (GBA) – 9,524
  • Metal Max Returns (SFC) – 20,228


For the brief information of the game, this game is set in the year 209X. Humanity is on the verge of extinction. The beautiful city of Tokyo, Japan is a disaster. Tokyo is now a desert. Within the area of Tokyo Desert, there is an Iron Base. But only a military official can enter the area. The protagonist Talis arrives the Iron Base. However, the attack from the monsters SoNS destroys the Iron Base’s camps.

For more information about the game, see it below!





  • Style Your Tanks – Salvage new tanks, and upgrade them using over 500 parts! Customize your tanks with a fresh coat of paint and the strongest firepower you can find
  • Fight for Humanity – Explore the vast desert and unite with the remaining survivors to rise against the crazed machines
  • Hold Your Ground – Enemies lurk around every corner! Make a preemptive strike on your foes when they appear on the World Map from inside your tank, or disembark and explore dangerous strongholds on foot with your allies





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